Zucchini muffins for breakfast with chocolate chips and Applesauce

Zucchini muffins for breakfast with chocolate chips and Applesauce

These are some zucchini muffins that Jenn decided she wanted to make, and then decided to make them way more awsomerest......and stuff. Okay back to the muffins! They are moist and yummy, zucchini muffins recipe with some applesauce switched for some of the sugar and chocolate chips added.

Manoel in the news

In case you did not see it, Manoel was quoted in the Daily Herald on Saturday talking about the Brazilian bicycle rider that he had met in Paragonah at Grandpa's house. Here is the text of the article with a link to full thing.

Brazilian biker shares his love of nature
Joe Pyrah - Daily Herald

He doesn't have corporate sponsors. He's not protesting a war. He doesn't have cancer.

What Renato Campinho does have is a bike and a love of nature that has driven him tens of thousands of miles from his home in Sao Raimundo Nonato, Brazil.

"For some people, this sounds crazy," Campinho said through an interpreter. "But it's not."

A wiry 5-foot 7-inches, the Brazilian is lighter than his old Italian 5-gear bicycle loaded down with gear. Newspaper clippings sheathed in plastic about his journey through South and Central America cover the tarp that now shrouds his bike. It was installed by well-wishers in Arizona.

Leaving home with little money, he has made his way mostly by the kindness of strangers to spread a message about preserving the environment. After getting a six-month visa to enter the country, he has been through Arizona and is now making his way through Utah. In Provo, the Silvas have taken him in.

The Brazilian family heard about Campinho when a nephew, Manoel, met him pedaling through Paragonah in southern Utah. Manoel told him to stop by in Provo when he came through. While here he's received free bike service (thousands of miles means hundreds of tires) and will be getting his rear brake pads replaced.

"Everybody helps him," says Rosana Silva. "It doesn't matter if he speaks the language or not."

The air-conditioned Silva home, with its big-screen TV and pool in the backyard, is a far cry from the rocky overhangs where Campinho has spent nights in a tent. Pictures and choppy video on a donated digital camera show country after country and hill after hill. One video shows the bike speeding down a steep decline.

It's on the upswing that the traveler has had problems. Though he's so far avoided traffic accidents, the weight of the bike has brought him over backward several times when a hill gets too steep.

He doesn't have what would be considered an education in this country. He can read Portuguese, but can't write it very well and was a beekeeper in Brazil. While he doesn't have a family of his own, he is one of 16 siblings.

"He's very humble. Very humble," said Rosana Silva, who doubled as a translator on Thursday.

How does he keep the legs pumping over the long miles? A large bowl of rolled oats (oatmeal) every morning and a lot of fruits and vegetables. He won't drink soda or alcohol.

He doesn't have a specific itinerary to follow, only hoping to now get to Canada, Alaska and then to Russia, Japan and beyond. Brushing off the heat or nights asleep on the ground, his hardest times have been the "crazy winds" of Arizona, he said.

"He's a very little guy and he goes with the wind," said Silva with a laugh. Did You Know:

• Renato Campinho has biked through every country in South and Central America and is now in the United States.

• Days on the road: 484

• Age: 37

WE ARE ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!


Today we spent the day at Wheeler Farm in Salt Lake CIty.
We went there at Brett's suggestion to feed the ducks (which i am always so thrilled to do!), and just lay out on a blanket, enjoying the weather and scenery.
There was a wedding reception going on this evening, and Brett started joking about marriage. He put his Brazilian seed ring on my ring finger and joked "Look. It's like we're engaged now!".
"VERY FUNNY..." I said, not completely amused. I shook of the Brazilian seed ring and let it fall on the blanket next to him. I turned around and went back to watching the animals and the reception. Brett grabbed my hand again, and i thought he was being silly, putting the brazilian ring back on my finger.
I turned around to tell him something like "Oh, Brett, you're silly..."
But at the moment i turned around, he said, "Aisling, will you marry me???"

I thought it was a joke! But i looked down at my finger and OMG I HAVE A SHINY DIAMOND RING ON IT!!!!!!!!
I was so shocked and surprised, i just start bawling. (I think i scared Brett a little bit. What a champ he is to not have run away!)
So...we both cried and after i finally calmed down, he got a "YES!" out of me. Ü

So that is the story!
What a wonderful surprise it was to me! It was the most perfect evening EVER! Ü


Aisling Silva

(There are more pictures of our fun at Wheeler Farm attached. Ü )

Audrey's New Glasses and blog about Savannah in ER

Audrey's New Glasses and blog about Savannah in ER

Today Audrey joined the glasses club! She is the same age (nine) when her mother got her first pair of glasses! She loves wearing her glasses and cannot wait to show them off to everyone. She is supposed to wear them at school or church. She doesn’t need to wear them while doing homework, reading, and playing outside. As for Savannah, on Sunday after church, Savannah found a small red bead on the floor. She decided to see what it feels like sticking the bead up her nose. To her surprise, it got stuck and came to Mom hoping I could pull it out. I grabbed the tweezers and tried to pull it out, which by the way is a big no no since it was located high up in her nose. I was lucky I didn’t damage any tissue. I gave up after a few minutes and told John to take her to the emergency room because I was worried it may travel to her sinus or respiratory system. She got a chalk board from the ER nurse. The nurse said, “You have to give this chalk board back to me if you put anything else up your nose.” Savannah agreed with the nurse saying she won’t put anything up her nose ever again (crossing my fingers she will keep that promise). Anyway she was brave throughout the procedure. She didn’t scream or shed a tear. The doctor had John try to blow in her mouth while plugging the unaffected side of her nose to see if the bead would fall out, which was unsuccessful. So the doctor used some long tweezers and some hook thing to pull the bead out. Hopefully, her emergency room experience was traumatic enough that she won’t ever do that again!

Adam's Baptism, Andrew's Birthday, Havasupai, Girl's Camp and Melinda in the MTC...whew what a busy time...

Adam's Baptism, Andrew's Birthday, Havasupai, Girl's Camp and Melinda in the MTC...whew what a busy time...

Lot's has happened recently and I haven't been good about putting any images up here. So here are just a few showing all of these events.

If you want to write to Melinda in the MTC here is here address:

Sister Melinda Free
MTC Mailbox #115
Baltic 0806
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, Ut 84604-1793

(If you want to type it on your computer and have it printed and delivered to her mail box just log on to It is free while they are in the MTC.)

Attention Everyone!

Well, it has absolutley been FOR-E-VER since I have posted anything on here. I check out what is new every once in a while. And I'm sure some of you have heard that I have put together a Blog for Ryan, Avery and I. And I want you all to check it out and let me know what you think. Comments on the blog are welcome and much appreciated.

I have spent all day revamping and adding a little life to it! So Please! Check it out. And add it to your favorites list and keep tabs on us.

We love you all and we are so glad that we are a part of this family. Especially me. Thank you for all your love and support.

Lots of Love,

Just Checking In

Hi All! It's been so much fun checking in and seeing updates on how you all are doing. I just wanted to check in and say hi and show you what my kids look like now. If you want to see how we are on a more updated basis, you can find us at my blog - Love you! amy

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Final Book Cover

Final Book Cover

Here is the final version of the book cover for Journey of the Heart. For those of you who saw the first version, hopefully you will agree that this one is much better. It turns out that the Deseret Book buyers weren't too happy with the prior one either. So on Monday the publisher (after I told them what my extended family thought of the first one) found a picture of a new more appealing Jake. He's certainly not as appealing as the real Jake, but then few are. Anyway they pasted him in right on top of old grumpy boy and I think the result is much better. Let me know what you think. Books are supposed to be in the DB warehouses in the next few weeks and then 10 days after that in stores!

Joseph and Elizabeth Wedding Pictures

Joseph and Elizabeth Wedding Pictures

Here are the pictures the photographer took.
There are some fun ones.

Here is the Family Feud game.
(To play the game, click on the numbers in the bottom left of the page. After a guess you can either hit the key "x" for a wrong answer or hit the number key corresponding to the answer...see the answer sheet below. You can use the "right arrow" and "left arrow" key to determine who gets the points. To assign the points just hit the space bar and they are typed in.)

Here is the answer sheet

Here are the stories people shared.


Savannah's Birthday/Family Barbeque!

family picture at Parowan Gap April 2008

Danish 101

Ældste Free send a card full of pictures and some movies that arrived today. Here are two video clips that will help you speak Danish. Good luck!

Some wedding clips

Josh and Daniel did the most video taping. I did a little on the morning of the wedding. So I have included three clips here. The first shows Brett, Aisling, Anna, Erika, Ellie, Kent and Becca at the wedding dinner on Friday night and was shot by Josh.

The second one starts out with an interesting experience. Joseph and his groomsman and Melinda got sprayed by a sprinkler. Then we get a behind the scenes video of the bride getting her hair ready. She does not know the camera is there.

The final video just show how cute the couple are...

Audrey's School Concert

Audrey did a great job at her choir's concert. Here is the first song (I had hard time keeping the teacher out of the way of Audrey).

flying/burping song

brandon and savannah's favorite...