Takin' Jake to the MTC

Takin' Jake to the MTC

We had a great family trip taking Jake to the MTC last week. We captured a few pictures along the way. Though we missed some of the best parts: a session in the Salt Lake Temple, an open house tour of the new Draper Temple, and visiting all of our friends and family in Utah. It was a great time.

We haven't heard from Jake yet but are confident that all is well. If you would like to write to him his PO Box in the MTC is 217.

Looking at the pictures you would think all we ever do is eat out! That just happens to be the only time we think about breaking out the camera!

Here are all the pictures:

Pictures from the Mesa Temple!

Grandma & Grandpa were in town over the weekend for Jess's call opening, her endowments, and Jake's farewell. We didn't do too well with the camera but we did get these after a wonderful time in the temple. (Click on the picture to see a few more)

Mesa Temple

Jessica Open's Her Call!

At about 7am Arizona time on the 12th of February 2009 the following occurred:

Another Lonely Letter!

Another Lonely Letter!

Jessica's call arrived today right on schedule. Only problem is she's in Provo--not Mesa! So just like last time we are going to wait patiently for a whole week to learn what it says! Last chance to get your guesses in....

New Home in Pleasant Grove!

Some of you have been begging us to post these pictures for awhile. I know Rachel is dying to see them and Elizabeth Campbell too. Jopes and Elizabeth have been patiently waiting too. Marilee and Holly have been trying to get over to see it too but we have been sick with flu for a couple weeks and busy. We love our new place. The mountains are so close by and the view of the valley is beautiful. You can check out more pictures here on my photobucket just copy and paste this link into your browser!

Please let me know if you can see them okay, Rachel. I resized them so that they wouldn't be so huge too.

Doodle Wopps!

Doodle Wopps!

Elizabeth and I decided to try some recipe that we saw a while ago. I got the recipe from Sis. Foster...the amazing women my companion and I stayed with in my last area. She sent me two cook books that she had made for our wedding. So, Doodle Wopps was a fun name and it looked good. So, with some of our left over ham we tried it out! It was really good and was very easy clean up. You can see pictures by clicking here.

Another Sister Free Ready for the Mission Field!

Another Sister Free Ready for the Mission Field!

As of today, Jessica's mission papers are in Salt Lake! Within the next few weeks we will know where she is heading. In the mean time, it's lots of fun to guess! So please add comments below and let us know what part of the vineyard you think Jess will be called to serve in.

Paragonah Pinyon Jay

Paragonah Pinyon Jay

Here is a nice picture of a pinyon jay taken from our back window. I like it because it shows his eyes, The eyes always have it when you take bird pictures. Perhaps in sharing it on the blog all of my family will see that I love beautiful wildlife and that we can share pictures when we get them.


hello everyone i am doing my genealogy work and anything you know about and can share will you please email me at thanks


The call opening

(video is still processing...but should work soon)

The Call is Here, but Jake is Not!

The Call is Here, but Jake is Not!

Jake's mission call arrived today, but Jake isn't due to get home from BYU-I until Monday. So far he is saying he will wait till he gets home but I don't how long that resolve will last. So hurry and get your guesses in. We're looking for both location and leave date.

ps. has anyone ever actually steamed open a letter? we're wondering if there is anything we should be aware of before we attempt it....

Becca's 2008 Christmas Concert

Thanks to Grandpa we have video of Rebecca's recent concert. Here is a single clip. Their group blends their voices so well. She is on the very left. A few seconds into the video and you get more of a closeup.

Thanksgiving and Brithdays at the Nelsons

We have some pictures from Thanksgiving with John/Jen and Ryan/Stacy. Plus pictures from Holly's, Jordan's and my birthdays.

2008 Thanksgiving and Birthdays

Just in case the above link does not work for you.

An Overdue Update...

An Overdue Update...

Hey everyone! Just thought we'd give a quick little update on life way up north!
Joseph played on a competitive ultimate frisbee team this semester. His team, the Titans, only lost one game the entire season, which took them to the championship finals. They played and practiced hard, and it payed off! They won the championship 14-10. Yay! Go Titans! I love going to watch him play... he enjoys it so much.
About three weeks ago, we were accepted as the new assistant managers for one of the mens housing complexes, so we packed up and moved that very weekend! Now we live right across from campus again, right next door to where we both lived before we were married. It's a 3 bedroom apartment, and we love it! One of the bedrooms is even painted pink!
Which brings us to our next bit of news... we're sure most of you have heard already that we're having a baby boy! Makes the pink bedroom kinda pointless, but we're excited nonetheless! I'll just have to turn the pink room into my project room or something. :)

Twin t-shirts

Lauren and Audrey had twin t-shirts on Sunday. (I don't know the whole story, but I posted it anyway.)


Turtle Shirts