(Late) Vacation Pictures

We spent a great week with the Frees hiking, swimming at the Panaca Pond, geocaching, riding four-wheelers, picnicking at Yankee Meadows, riding bikes, eating from the garden, attending the St. George Temple, shooting Grandpa's new pistol, chopping a bow from just the right kind of stick, and plain ol' hanging around.

In case you don't have Facebook, here is a link to some pictures from our week with Grandpa and Grandma back in July.

A quick animation by Mike

Mike sent me his quick animation for a class. It is a bag of flour trying to jump across a Danish Bakery...this has danger, action, and heart. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

Fun in Idaho!

Fun in Idaho!

Hello, this is Mike Free. I don't know if ya'll remember me, or not. I was the one that made those one know, the ones with MILK chocolate...not the fake-o semi-sweet chocolate.
Anyways, I was just writing a short email to Sese Fry and wanted to show her a photo. I also wanted to see if I still remembered how to post things on the blog. So, I hope you enjoy this photo and entry. The photo was taken by Jopes' phone.
I've just got to say, that I have such an awesome nephew!

Peach Faced Love Bird Parrots in Mesa, Arizona!

Last November during our Thanksgiving dinner in the backyard we saw several of these Peach Faced Love Bird Parrots high up in a neighbors tree. We kind of forgot about them.

Now that our sunflowers are ready to eat we found some in our back yard. The first of the movie shows one I was able to get. The last part shows 7 of them at once. However it was shot through my office window that needs cleaning! Sorry. But it was just amazing.

We think that a couple of these escaped and they have been propagating in our nice weather. So here they are enjoying the lovely hot August weather!

Ældste Free reports in Sacrament meeting

Mike reported to the High Council at 6am, then to the ward in Sacrament at 11 and to the teacher's quorum at 1. Many people were there and we all enjoyed his words. Here is an audio recording we made for those of you that couldn't be here.

Michael Reports Audio (14.5MB) (be patient, it takes a while to download...but then it runs.)

Jopes' Trip Photos

Jopes' Trip Photos

Here are some images that Joseph took during our quick outing at Brian Head. It was sooo nice! Click Here.

Ældste Free is home! - the rough movie

Here is a rough video. I haven't had time to edit the nice video Josh took.

Nate Leads the Haka

Our stake sponsored an outstanding Aaronic Priesthood encampment last week. Nate, McKay and I got to go from our family and Joe, Daniel, Josh, and Andrew also went. Each ward was asked to provide a short entertainment. Our ward decided to learn a Maori Haka. Nate ended up being the leader, McKay is on the far left.

A pile of pictures to be shared!

A pile of pictures to be shared!

We haven't uploaded pictures in some time. Here are some of the surprise visit with Elizabeth, Joseph and baby Jopes. We also have Becca's graduation and even some cub scout ones. I think there might be some birthday ones as well. I think it starts with us opening a package from Melinda! See them all here.

Smiling 2.0

video of baby joseph smiling

Here is a video Joseph posted of some fun faces and sounds...aahhhh. This could get addicting!

First Pictures of Aedan "Little Fire" Omni Silva

First Pictures of Aedan "Little Fire" Omni Silva

Here are the first shots of Aedan. Sorry some of them are from the phone. But hey, they are still pictures. I'll add some more video to these later. Click here to see more.

Born April 21, 2009, 6lbs 9.8oz, 19inches.

One of the pictures is a video in case you missed it you can see it here.

The blessing of little Joseph

The blessing of little Joseph

Here is a picture I stole off of Joseph and Elizabeth's blog. You can try this link to see the pictures in picasa. Pictures Here Or just watch the slide show here. :)

Second Go-Around for Brett's Nova

Okay. So, i think we bought "Hailey" (the rust bucket that doesn't run) back on valentine's day. What a great present from a wifey, huh? Me letting Brett buy an old broken down car for all that was in our bank account at the time. haha.
ANYWAYS. She has been Brett's project. Every Saturday when he gets home from work, that's what we generally spend our time doing: figuring out how we can fix up this car and make it run.
First, Brett replaced all the fluids and switched out the oil filter. He had to take the gas tank off of the car to clean it out, and then he found a hole in it, so he had to get that welded up. SO, after that, we were hopeful, thinking that she might start. A couple turns of the key in the ignition, and it sounded like she wanted to go...But then gas started shooting out of the carburetor. Oh, sad day. :( Brett was so heartbroken. ANOTHER thing to fix before the car could start.
Brett is so smart, though. He got a cheap rebuilt kit, and for about $20, it's like we have a brand new carburetor now. (It looks so new, partially because i cleaned off all the metal parts, and now it's nice and shiny. When you open up the hood, it seems to glow, it's so clean!)

After Brett rebuilt the carburetor, it was time to try again and start Hailey up. :)

FINALLY! SUCCESS. The engine was running great, no leaks or fluid shooting out of anywhere. So, Brett thought he would take her around the block for a drive.
NEW PROBLEM: Apparently there is something wrong with the transmission. She doesn't want to go into drive or reverse or any of the gears. Hmmm... So, i guess we have some new things to work on. He'll ask around and figure what ne needs to do next for the transmission problem and see if we can't figure things out.
Oh well. When Brett is feeling down about the car, he says he'll just sit behind the wheel and start it up and remember that he was the one that got her to run. :)
Maybe, just MAYBE, we'll have Hailey driving before Aedan is here. :)

Joseph Hord Free comes on his due date!

Joseph Hord Free comes on his due date!

Here is the first picture taken of Joseph Hord Free, by his Dad's phone. He came right on schedule at 8:50pm. He weighed in at 6 lbs 6 oz and 19 inches long with lots of dark almost curly hair!