Doodle Wopps!

Doodle Wopps!

Elizabeth and I decided to try some recipe that we saw a while ago. I got the recipe from Sis. Foster...the amazing women my companion and I stayed with in my last area. She sent me two cook books that she had made for our wedding. So, Doodle Wopps was a fun name and it looked good. So, with some of our left over ham we tried it out! It was really good and was very easy clean up. You can see pictures by clicking here.

Thanksgiving and Brithdays at the Nelsons

We have some pictures from Thanksgiving with John/Jen and Ryan/Stacy. Plus pictures from Holly's, Jordan's and my birthdays.

2008 Thanksgiving and Birthdays

Just in case the above link does not work for you.

Chad's Birthday Video

Well, it may be a little late, but I finally figured out how to share this great video I made for Chad's birthday...I think... :) Hey, I'm pretty impressed with myself, considering that I have never used iMovie or YouTube before last week! Thank you very much to those who contributed their thoughts and memories of Chad.

Here is the link to the video (I tried to attach the video, but was unsucessful):


Melinda's Going on a Mission...But When and Where???

Melinda's Going on a Mission...But When and Where???

At the beginning of this week my Bishop let me know that the status of my call was "Ready for Assignment." That means that they might have made the assignment yesterday (Thursday)! Sometime soon my call will be mailed! I can hardly wait!

That also means that it is time to get the guesses going. I think it is fair to have one state-side and one foreign guess. Feel free to post your guesses as to where I will go and when the call will arrive!

I Love you all!!!

Lauren's 12 Days of Christmas

We (Elizabeth, Mandy, Brandon, Marilee, Richard, Jordan, Jen, Audrey, Savannah) watched Lauren perform at the Scera Theater for her singing group, the Headliners. She did a great job, much better than my cellphone could capture. Anyway, enjoy within the limits of hand-held technology. :-)

Here is some cell-phone-video of the concert.


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Fall Fun

I have had a wonderful first half of November! With the help of the Hord family, I was able to fly down to AZ and surprise my family on the 1st. On Friday, I went on the Father/Daughter campout with my Dad and sister (you can see a picture of them with some of the YUMMY teryaki sauce we picked up on the way). It was fun to spend time with my family and visit my home ward (and mission prep is the BEST). Joseph and Elizabeth Hord were also down there that weekend (trying out for the Easter Pageant). The three of us flew back to Salt Lake on the same flight and got lunch together (Wendy's) after arriving back in Provo.

This past weekend, Becca and Reid were able to fly out for a visit. Some family friends hosted a baby shower for Becca, and it was a lot of fun. Reid's mom did the food, so of course it was amazing, and they have a lot of great people there. They also had a really fun and creative activity at the shower. There were several plain white onesies and special fabric markers for people to use in decorating them! It was great! I took a couple pictures of Lauren's masterpiece. Ü

Today, I got to go with Becca to the BYU Museum of Art (one of our favorite places to be...lots of good memories Ü). You can see a picture of us in front of the building that a nice girl (enjoying her lunch on a bench nearby) was nice enough to take for us. We looked at almost everything in the building, and we also got to visit briefly with two of her (well, our) former art history professors. We then headed across the street to meet up with Reid for lunch and ice cream (delicious, of course!) at the BYU Creamery. Happy day! ...And a beautiful one. I am also including a couple shots of the fall leaves and blue sky taken today in the courtyard of my building.

I hope you are all having a fun fall!

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Halloween: Cowgirl and Indian

My friend and roommate Jennifer and I dressed up for Halloween and then had fun taking several pictures. We hope you enjoy them too. Ü

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Elder Mike Free

Elder Mike Free

Well, I got my missionary picture taken today, so I thought I would just share the proof with you! I even did some "photoshop magic" on it to make myself look good Ü. Hope you enjoy it!

aNotheR uPdatE * * *

tOdaY I spOke wIth tHe MtC in sAo pAulO and.......

tHe cAll hAs bEeN mAde Ü

nOw, wE jUst hAve to wAit fOr tHat eNvelOpe tO gEt hEre...tHey sAy pRobaBly tHe eNd of nExT wEek - wE aRe gEtTinG tHeRe!!!

wE´ll lEt yOu kNoW!!

rAcHel & gAng

Happy Birthday Melinda!

Happy Birthday Melinda!

I was just looking at my last "roll" of pictures from my digital camera and found this one, so this is kind of late, but...Happy Birthday Melinda! Melinda has been a great example to me and others. She always smiles and carries the Spirit with her. I enjoy going to the Mission Prep class with her. She is so awesome! Love ya, sis!
-Mike Free
P.S. Happy Birthday Elder Jopes!

Fun with Bathroom Mirrors

Fun with Bathroom Mirrors

You should try this! Becca and Danny started making the funny faces with the bathroom mirrors. You place your nose on the edge of the outside mirror and look at your reflection. It is very fun to make yourself have one nostril and a uni-brow.
Everyone started gathering around them and enjoying the show...just thought you would like to enjoy it with us.

More on Justin´s Call

Just one financial form was missing. It has now been faxed and the sister at the MTC in Sao Paulo said that the papers will go by FEDEX to SLC today!!! She should hear about the call in 1-2 weeks by email, and the real call will get to her the next week and then she will send it to the mission president and then, if he isn´t traveling, he will send it to us!!! We are almost there!! he he he he

Update on Justin´s Call

Well, after waiting patiently (?) for 5 weeks....we found out Sunday that Justin´s papers have been returned because something is missing. Ü So, off we go on another adventure to get it all right. Tune in to the same bat channel, same time for more bat news....!

Behold, Birthday-Balloon-Bubble-Boy "Be'eth" on Blog...

Behold, Birthday-Balloon-Bubble-Boy "Be'eth" on Blog...

Boisterous Boy Beams Because of Blow-up Bouncy, Blobby, Bubbly Box-shaped Boundary Best known as Battlefield/Battleground Bedlam. Beyond Belief, Brother Baffles Bigger Brothers.
Boy, that was long! I tried to put the whole thing in the title, but it wouldn't alow it. 27 'B's! Beat that! Well, I promised Adam that I would post him with his balloon on the blog if he were to wash the dishes, which he did. He got to go to a birthday party yesterday with one of those blow-up bouncy areas. He had tons of fun (and candy). Just thought I would share that with you!
P.S. Many thanks go to Mom for helping out with a Thesaurus.