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(Late) Vacation Pictures

We spent a great week with the Frees hiking, swimming at the Panaca Pond, geocaching, riding four-wheelers, picnicking at Yankee Meadows, riding bikes, eating from the garden, attending the St. George Temple, shooting Grandpa's new pistol, chopping a bow from just the right kind of stick, and plain ol' hanging around.

In case you don't have Facebook, here is a link to some pictures from our week with Grandpa and Grandma back in July.

Thanksgiving and Brithdays at the Nelsons

We have some pictures from Thanksgiving with John/Jen and Ryan/Stacy. Plus pictures from Holly's, Jordan's and my birthdays.

2008 Thanksgiving and Birthdays

Just in case the above link does not work for you.

Mountain View High School (Orem, UT) Marching Band Trophies

Mountain View High School (Orem, UT) Marching Band Trophies

"Count" Jordan had a Halloween Band Concert this evening and it was really good (of course). All the trophies from his marching band (Orem High Marching Band with half Mountain View students) were displayed in the lobby. They did very well this year and racked up 23 trophies in six competitions earning first place in their division in each. Just in case the slideshow does not display or you want to see larger pictures, you can see them here

Lauren's 12 Days of Christmas

We (Elizabeth, Mandy, Brandon, Marilee, Richard, Jordan, Jen, Audrey, Savannah) watched Lauren perform at the Scera Theater for her singing group, the Headliners. She did a great job, much better than my cellphone could capture. Anyway, enjoy within the limits of hand-held technology. :-)

Here is some cell-phone-video of the concert.


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Pre-MTC Party for Justin

Pre-MTC Party for Justin

Here are a few pictures of all those who have good wishes and admiration for Justin as he enters the MTC.
We had a lovely family Home evening in Rosanna and Pedro's house. Marilee and her girls sang "Sweet is the work" with their beautiful voices blending wonderfully. That set me up to teach the lesson on fear faith and the spirit. Justy is such a good example of humility, like Mike, that it was easy to show how being filled with charity will make them fearless as he enters into the unknown, possibly fearful, work of teaching the gospel. It was also easy to show by his example that remission of sins brings the gift of the Holy Ghost which in turns gives the gift of charity. In that audience it was natural to testify of the invitation of the the savior for all, no matter their transgressions, to come to him and become clean. We had a nice outpouring of the spirit.
Amazingly the member of the Mission Presidency who came to set Justy apart was our Mission President when we were in the Rochester Mission. That made his setting apart very special. Interesting how the Lord blesses us continually.

Jordan at Lakeridge "Winter" Band Concert

Jordan really jazzed the season up with his first improv solo for the Jazz Band. Check out a clip of his solo. It was great!

(Though to be politically correct (PC) this was called the Winter Band Concert, you can't fool me. With every number being a Christmas song, it was really a Christmas Band Concert. ;-)

NOTE: Joe said that this URL will work better for Jordan's solo clip

Jordan's Band Concert

Jordan's Band Concert

This last Thursday, I was picked up and fed a very delicious dinner. Then I went with Aunt Marilee and Holly to watch Jordy play his Sax. I was really amazed at how well these 7th, 8th and 9th graders can play. I loved all of their songs. Several students did improv solos. They were awesome. Good job to Jordy!
The lighting in the auditorium was pretty bad, so this is the best picture I could come up with. Luckily, it was the one with him standing up and looking towards me!
I vote that Jordy does one of the next solos! Ü
Enjoy the picture!



Mike fixed my pikachu picture that I tried to post before. Enjoy!

Tokyo travelers take time to make mountains of memories!

Tokyo travelers take time to make mountains of memories!

Here are some pictures taken of Matt and Chiaki's gang as they visited with family and made memories. I'm not sure all that happened so I will post the pictures and encourage them to provide comments on the pictures.

Giving Thanks in Arizona

This year, we got together with Dave and Kristin Free and their family, Eric and Malina Hulsoff and their family, and Opa for Thanksgiving. Before our meal, we all went around and mentioned things we are thankful for. We thought we would share them with you. Here is our list:

Elena: Relatives and family
Terran: Everything
Madison: Jess
Adran: Terran and my house
Jessica: Holy Ghost
Daniel: Food
Jordan: Cars
Adam: Dad
Malinda: Family
Eric: You guys still like me (even when my intelligence can be overwhelming…Ü)
McKay: Good education
Dave: Loving Heavenly Father
Brett: Beautiful things in life (certain cars, turkey, etc. Ü)
Melinda: Music
Kristin: How often the Lord condescends to hug me and tell me it’s worth it
Josh: Family, food, and fun
Becca: Dishwashers
Michael: Missionaries
Nate: Scriptures
Jeremy: My family
Andrew: Freedom fighters and my family
Lauren: The earth
Opa: Being here
Joe: Free country
Diana: Missionary son
Elder Joseph: All you guys
Jake: Ability to run

(P.S. Sorry if I spelled anyone's name wrong!)

Labor Day Fun

Pictures from Labor Day. Click on the picture to see more and the individual comments on each one.

Becca and Jordan in the Park

Becca and Jordan in the Park

This is pure sibling love in action! This is Becca and Jordan tackling, er, um, playing in the park. If we were both standing up straight, you could tell that he is almost as tall as I am, which is why we are not. Note his Italian soccer jersey from me.