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(Late) Vacation Pictures

We spent a great week with the Frees hiking, swimming at the Panaca Pond, geocaching, riding four-wheelers, picnicking at Yankee Meadows, riding bikes, eating from the garden, attending the St. George Temple, shooting Grandpa's new pistol, chopping a bow from just the right kind of stick, and plain ol' hanging around.

In case you don't have Facebook, here is a link to some pictures from our week with Grandpa and Grandma back in July.


Thanksgiving and Brithdays at the Nelsons

We have some pictures from Thanksgiving with John/Jen and Ryan/Stacy. Plus pictures from Holly's, Jordan's and my birthdays.

2008 Thanksgiving and Birthdays

Just in case the above link does not work for you.

Savannah's Birthday/Family Barbeque!

Labor Day Quick Trip

Labor Day Quick Trip

Diana and Melinda drove up to Utah to move Melinda in to her new digs. Joseph was able to come down from Rexburg with his Uncle Kirt and Aunt Brenda and surprise them. They had a great time. They spent the night in Paragonah on the way up and got to see the new trailer and John and Jen and gang. Then they moved Melinda in and had a party with the other free gangs up there. Then Sunday night they were with the Jamison cousins. Here are the pictures.

Holly's Graduation

Holly's Graduation

Congratulations to Holly on her high school graduation! Aunt Elizabeth, Mandy, and Brandon made the trek up to help celebrate along with the "Orem locals". We certainly are proud of her! More pictures here.

Pre-MTC Party for Justin

Pre-MTC Party for Justin

Here are a few pictures of all those who have good wishes and admiration for Justin as he enters the MTC.
We had a lovely family Home evening in Rosanna and Pedro's house. Marilee and her girls sang "Sweet is the work" with their beautiful voices blending wonderfully. That set me up to teach the lesson on fear faith and the spirit. Justy is such a good example of humility, like Mike, that it was easy to show how being filled with charity will make them fearless as he enters into the unknown, possibly fearful, work of teaching the gospel. It was also easy to show by his example that remission of sins brings the gift of the Holy Ghost which in turns gives the gift of charity. In that audience it was natural to testify of the invitation of the the savior for all, no matter their transgressions, to come to him and become clean. We had a nice outpouring of the spirit.
Amazingly the member of the Mission Presidency who came to set Justy apart was our Mission President when we were in the Rochester Mission. That made his setting apart very special. Interesting how the Lord blesses us continually.

Holly in the news.

Two writeups of Holly's play were in the Orem Geneva Times, and the Deseret News this week. I added links for those interested in reading them. (The Orem Geneva Times article does mention Holly by name, but it is not exemplary journalism.)

Tokyo travelers take time to make mountains of memories!

Tokyo travelers take time to make mountains of memories!

Here are some pictures taken of Matt and Chiaki's gang as they visited with family and made memories. I'm not sure all that happened so I will post the pictures and encourage them to provide comments on the pictures.

Labor Day Fun

Pictures from Labor Day. Click on the picture to see more and the individual comments on each one.

Paragonah Pioneers

Paragonah Pioneers

Bec Reid and I (Holly) went to paragonah for the weekend. We saw Lauren play "The Old Woman in The Golden Goose" and had fun at the Paragonah Pioneer Day Carnival. We participated in lots of games like "fishing", Stick pulling and ,as you can see form Brandon's chocolate mouth, a cake walk which he won multiple times. Thank you so much,Holly

Rebecca and Holly scare

Rebecca and Holly scareRebecca and Holly scare

Rebecca and Holly gave us a scare on Thursday (I'm sure they were more scared than we were). A young man that just turned 17 turned his Suburban in front of their little white car and there was a crunch sound. They both had their seatbelts on and have the bruises and abrasions along the neck to prove it.

The police called Marilee and just told her they had been in an accident and what hospital they were being taken to. Nothing about the seriousness. She called Rich at work and then I got to go with her to the hospital. We went in and they made her answer questions and fill out paperwork before they would let us see them. While we were in the lobby the ambulance came. These pictures were taken with my lousy camera phone through the window and the shades.

The picture with the guy in the helmut is Holly the other is Rebecca. It turns out the guy with the helmut is Rich! He had just arrived and went in with them. He didn't have to go through the paperwork!

We were really impressed with the Nelson's hospitality for us. But I think next time they can tone done the entertainment a bit!

Holly and friends eating Prom dinner at Cafe Nelson

What more could a bunch of teens want: fancy clothes, good friends, great hair, hot date, and plenty of food to much on? A place to dance. And they got it at Thanksgiving Point.

Holly sported great hair from her personal stylist, Stacy!

Holly before Preference

Holly before Preference

Hi guys this is a picture of me and my friend Laura. Arn't we pretty?! This was my first date and it was very fun!
Sorry the picture didn't work, but it should come up if you click on it.