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Melinda's Going on a Mission...But When and Where???

Melinda's Going on a Mission...But When and Where???

At the beginning of this week my Bishop let me know that the status of my call was "Ready for Assignment." That means that they might have made the assignment yesterday (Thursday)! Sometime soon my call will be mailed! I can hardly wait!

That also means that it is time to get the guesses going. I think it is fair to have one state-side and one foreign guess. Feel free to post your guesses as to where I will go and when the call will arrive!

I Love you all!!!

Jordan's Band Concert

Jordan's Band Concert

This last Thursday, I was picked up and fed a very delicious dinner. Then I went with Aunt Marilee and Holly to watch Jordy play his Sax. I was really amazed at how well these 7th, 8th and 9th graders can play. I loved all of their songs. Several students did improv solos. They were awesome. Good job to Jordy!
The lighting in the auditorium was pretty bad, so this is the best picture I could come up with. Luckily, it was the one with him standing up and looking towards me!
I vote that Jordy does one of the next solos! Ü
Enjoy the picture!

Our web site in the news.

Uncle Lori's daughter, LaRae Free Kerr, mentions this web site in her Daily Herald weekly column, "It's All Relatives". You can read the column here:

Just thought you'd like to know.

More Spring Break Pictures...

Here are a few pictures I took last week when I went down to Parowan/Paragonah/Brian Head for Spring Break.

(Thanks, Dad, for uploading the pictures for me! Ü)

Pun Intended

Yesterday was my friend Paul's birthday. He and his roommate Derek are great friends, former missionary companions (served in Tucson, AZ), and current home teaching companions (they teach me and my roommates). One thing they share in common is a love of puns.

I have always liked puns, but being around these guys has made me really love puns. So...for Paul's birthday, I decided to make him a card based on a pun and give him a list of puns I found on the internet.

The card went something like this (with illistrations and fun lettering Ü):
So it was my birthday. I had a big party, and my friend made me a birhtday cake. He brought it out, and it was a savory cake. It had a doughy base with cheese and all sorts of toppings sprinkled on top. I said, "That must have taken a lot of effort to make." And he said...

(then on the inside...)
... "No, it was a pizza cake."

Heee heeee heeee! Ü

A couple of my favorites:
* A rubber band pistol was confiscated from algebra class because it was a weapon of math disruption.
* He said I was average - but he was just being mean.
* When the smog lifts in Los Angeles, U C L A.

If you want to read some more fun ones, check out

Close to Home

Close to Home

Gotta love those iPod comics!

Giving Thanks in Arizona

This year, we got together with Dave and Kristin Free and their family, Eric and Malina Hulsoff and their family, and Opa for Thanksgiving. Before our meal, we all went around and mentioned things we are thankful for. We thought we would share them with you. Here is our list:

Elena: Relatives and family
Terran: Everything
Madison: Jess
Adran: Terran and my house
Jessica: Holy Ghost
Daniel: Food
Jordan: Cars
Adam: Dad
Malinda: Family
Eric: You guys still like me (even when my intelligence can be overwhelming…Ü)
McKay: Good education
Dave: Loving Heavenly Father
Brett: Beautiful things in life (certain cars, turkey, etc. Ü)
Melinda: Music
Kristin: How often the Lord condescends to hug me and tell me it’s worth it
Josh: Family, food, and fun
Becca: Dishwashers
Michael: Missionaries
Nate: Scriptures
Jeremy: My family
Andrew: Freedom fighters and my family
Lauren: The earth
Opa: Being here
Joe: Free country
Diana: Missionary son
Elder Joseph: All you guys
Jake: Ability to run

(P.S. Sorry if I spelled anyone's name wrong!)

Couldn't help myself

Couldn't help myself

OK, they did such a great shot posing I just had to see if I could put them into the "Prisoner of Azkaban" layout. Turned out nicely.

Harry Potter Fever Strikes Mesa

Harry Potter Fever Strikes Mesa

Becca was told she would get $5 if she did her hair like Princess Leia from Star Wars while waiting in line to see the midnight showing of Harry Potter 4. She and Mike and Daniel were all going. This is the posed shot they picked. It is great to see them try to not smile!

Utah leaves and Arizona of both worlds

Utah leaves and Arizona of both worlds

What a sweetie that Melinda is. She sent her family this notice "Happy Fall! I picke these up ont he way back from school and thought I would share them with you! Ü Love ya, Melinda"
The leaves were great. And huge! The biggest one (not shown here) is 12 inches across! But the best part was we got to have some of Melinda in our home. To think of us and sent it was great. So we are sharing her with all of you.
Adam wanted to take a leaf outside and watch it fall. Here is a movie of him doing just that!
Thanks Melinda!

Michael's last High School cross country run

Michael's last High School cross country run

Michael did great at the State Cross Country meet. You can see a couple of clips of him here. What a group of runners and a wonderfully difficult course. Michael ran with confidence and strength and I believe ran his best race ever. Congratulations. Unfortunately for Mountain View the top runner was sick and the second runner was also the top two finished like 4 and 5 rather than 1 and 2 so their hopes of a repeat championship didn't happen. But there is great hope as the number one finisher for Mountainview was a freshman! Watching Michael run has been a great inspiration to go after a goal and work hard. Thanks Mike!

Through the eyes of children as seen by grandparents.

Through the eyes of children as seen by grandparents. (click on image)

Adam's Apple Song

Adam showed me a picture he had colored that had a song on it about apples. Adam doesn't sing out loud for us very often. So when he sang I asked if I could record him. He was happy about that so click on the picture to see/hear it!

My engagement pictures!

Hello everyone! I am sitting here with Melinda before the class that we have together, looking at my engagement pictures. My friend, Spencer, put them on his website, so I decided to post it here so you can all look at how cute we are! This is the address:, then click on Pictures, then Reid's Pictures. Be sure to tell me which ones are your favorites!

Love to all,