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Dreaming about You!

Dreaming about You!

So, uh...I haven't posted in a long time, but I wanted to share a hilarious dream that I had last night. It was pretty funny...and "sweet" at the same time!

I was in the middle of a large field with the whole Free family. It seemed like a place for a family reunion. Suddenly, we all burst into action. We were having a food fight! I remember seeing Justin throw some pie, while McKay was throwing some Jello. Food was flying everywhere! We then sort of just got into teams...I think there were four. Anyways, I was the only one that switched between the different teams. It was intense. The large field became larger...almost like Lord-of-the-Rings-battle-field size. People were dodging every little scoop of cream or piece of meat. We were all laughing, but very serious at the same time. It reminds me of playing in the backyard with Chad and all of the other boy cousins.

The battle was long and hard. Many were "wounded". We started running out of ammo! We all had to be very creative in our weapons. I remember finding some hard peanuts and throwing those at the other teams. Too fun!

After running out of peanuts, I switched over to another team that was hiding in a small bedroom in a house. We were all scared to come out, but we were ready for anyone who wanted to come in. I remember sitting on a small bed, tucked in the sheets, hoping that they would act as a good shield. For some reason, Justin got this vibe that "Nate was preparing something huge" on the other team. We got kind of scared, but held on tight. There was a knock at the door. We cautiously opened it. To our surprise and great relief, McKay came in with a blender and an open can of tomato sauce! Inside of that blender was a mini birthday cake complete with candles! He said, "We wanted to give you some cake!"

We put our guard down and welcomed him in, but I knew better. All of the sudden, he jumped forward with his blender to "pour" the cake out onto my clothes. Remembering that I had just washed these clothes, I pleaded with him that he wouldn't do that. There was a little bit of tomato sauce that came out as a result of him jumping, but luckily, it hit the blanket...and not me. He stopped and accepted my plea...

And then I woke up! Pretty fun, eh? Anyways, I thought I would share that with you and say that we are excited to see you all at the reunion. All this talk of food assignments coupled with my little experiences of seeing one clip from Lord of the Rings, doing laundry, and watching the little kids in "Little Woman" toss some food down at the people at the ball, lead me to a fun dream!

-Mike & Rachel

New Family Pictures

We had some portraits taken at the temple. Check them out here.

Live video of Becca and Melinda's returns

UPDATE 2: We got a call from Melinda, at about 6:30pm, that she was waiting for us on the curb at the airport! I guess she got out on an earlier flight and we were never notified.

So we didn't get to see her come in the airport, but we got to be with her earlier and no airport parking fees!


UPDATE: So Melinda and several other missionaries (11) did not have enough time to make the connection in Frankfurt, Germany so they spent the night there. Melinda had a standby ticket to come home today (Saturday) but we don't know for sure if she was able to get on. But we haven't heard otherwise so we are hoping to see her at Sky Harbor Airport at 10pm.

We will be streaming so you can view it on this page or go to the link below.

We have our fingers crossed!


We are so excited to have our whole family together for the first time in over two years!

The first to arrive is Becca. She lands in Phoenix Sky Harbor at 9am on Friday the 18th. I will be going to pick her up. I am going to test out ustream.tv to stream live audio and video from my iPhone to the web so you can all watch.

So go to http://www.ustream.tv/channel/lovebeingadad at 9am tomorrow morning and you should see a live video feed of Becca in the airport. You can go there early and see some clips I took at the Mountain View Holiday Dinners and Andrew's band concert.

Then at 10pm the main event. Melinda is to arrive at 10pm. So be sure to check out the site. The third and last leg of her flight will be coming from Chicago, American Airlines Aa1733 (if you want to check if they are on time).

Funny Frees Video

Here is a video of our family on iChat. We were choosing names for Christmas, but had to spice it up a bit. Enjoy!

A quick animation by Mike

Mike sent me his quick animation for a class. It is a bag of flour trying to jump across a Danish Bakery...this has danger, action, and heart. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

Fun in Idaho!

Fun in Idaho!

Hello, this is Mike Free. I don't know if ya'll remember me, or not. I was the one that made those one cookies...you know, the ones with MILK chocolate...not the fake-o semi-sweet chocolate.
Anyways, I was just writing a short email to Sese Fry and wanted to show her a photo. I also wanted to see if I still remembered how to post things on the blog. So, I hope you enjoy this photo and entry. The photo was taken by Jopes' phone.
I've just got to say, that I have such an awesome nephew!

Ældste Free reports in Sacrament meeting

Mike reported to the High Council at 6am, then to the ward in Sacrament at 11 and to the teacher's quorum at 1. Many people were there and we all enjoyed his words. Here is an audio recording we made for those of you that couldn't be here.

Michael Reports Audio (14.5MB) (be patient, it takes a while to download...but then it runs.)

Jopes' Trip Photos

Jopes' Trip Photos

Here are some images that Joseph took during our quick outing at Brian Head. It was sooo nice! Click Here.

Ældste Free is home! - the rough movie

Here is a rough video. I haven't had time to edit the nice video Josh took.

Joseph and Elizabeth Wedding Pictures

Joseph and Elizabeth Wedding Pictures

Here are the pictures the photographer took.
There are some fun ones.

Here is the Family Feud game.
(To play the game, click on the numbers in the bottom left of the page. After a guess you can either hit the key "x" for a wrong answer or hit the number key corresponding to the answer...see the answer sheet below. You can use the "right arrow" and "left arrow" key to determine who gets the points. To assign the points just hit the space bar and they are typed in.)

Here is the answer sheet

Here are the stories people shared.


Danish 101

Ældste Free send a card full of pictures and some movies that arrived today. Here are two video clips that will help you speak Danish. Good luck!

First photos from Denmark!

First photos from Denmark!

Here are some pictures and a few movies Mike sent to us today. Yea! He also has some youtube videos of the fireworks on New Years in Copenhagen. He said "My amazingly great companion who knows everything about computers has a YouTube account and offered to upload some of the movies from New Years for you. So here are the links...if you would like...you could put your favorite on the family website...I don't know how to do that! "

Movie 1
Movie 2
Movie 3
Movie 4

Wii Wii Wii Wii Wii Wii Wii Wii Wii Wii Wii Wii Wii Wii Wii Wii Wii Wii Wii Wii Wii Wii Wii Wii Wii Wii Wii

Ok, so for Christmas Santa only gave our family one gift, (now realize that mom and dad gave plenty, this is just from Santa) and that one gift contained a Wii!!! The best part of it was that we hadn't even asked for it, i mean sure we had voiced that we would like to have it, but that was a long time ago, and low and behold, we got it!!! We all now have our very own "Mii" characters and that includes my mom and dad! The whole family plays, but mostly the younger boys take over with all their friends. Dad is of course the master of all, he seems to know all the techniques that you need to do in order to win, and he wins all the time!!! (except in Boxing.....Ü) Daniel is the master Bowler because he has gone "pro", Andrew is pretty good at tennis,(i secretly think that it is because he is a lefty, but that is just me), Josh is pretty much good at every thing because he can laugh about it Ü, Melinda is great at all the mini games, and of course, Dad and Jopes are just Pro's all around with out even trying, mom,....well....of the few times that she has played it with me...she pretty much kick my trash at every mini game we played, and Adam, Adam loves to do bowling and this cow racing game, both of which he can beat me at too!!! Well, i thought that i would just inform you all on what is going on 24/7 at our house!! luv ya all!