Joe & Diana

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video of baby joseph smiling

Here is a video Joseph posted of some fun faces and sounds...aahhhh. This could get addicting!

The blessing of little Joseph

The blessing of little Joseph

Here is a picture I stole off of Joseph and Elizabeth's blog. You can try this link to see the pictures in picasa. Pictures Here Or just watch the slide show here. :)

Doodle Wopps!

Doodle Wopps!

Elizabeth and I decided to try some recipe that we saw a while ago. I got the recipe from Sis. Foster...the amazing women my companion and I stayed with in my last area. She sent me two cook books that she had made for our wedding. So, Doodle Wopps was a fun name and it looked good. So, with some of our left over ham we tried it out! It was really good and was very easy clean up. You can see pictures by clicking here.

Amazing Lightning Storm in Mesa

Last night was an amazing storm. I have never seen anything like it. And apparently neither have the news folks.

There was just continual lightning strikes. If you could lay on your back you would see lighting always in the sky.

Here is a 10 minute clip that has not been edited at all. What is shocking is how consistent it is. The thunder is continuous and sounds like a jet engine in the background.

A few pictures from the wedding

A few pictures from the wedding

Here are the first few pictures, and a couple of videos, we took of the wedding. There should be some more really nice ones coming from the Ginters.

More info later...

Family pictures

I have pulled together some family ancestor pictures and uploaded them to Picasa. (you can download full resolution images suitable for printing 5x7) Some of the pictures I created by putting two of them together. Here is a slide show of these great folk.

Adam's Baptism, Andrew's Birthday, Havasupai, Girl's Camp and Melinda in the MTC...whew what a busy time...

Adam's Baptism, Andrew's Birthday, Havasupai, Girl's Camp and Melinda in the MTC...whew what a busy time...

Lot's has happened recently and I haven't been good about putting any images up here. So here are just a few showing all of these events.

If you want to write to Melinda in the MTC here is here address:

Sister Melinda Free
MTC Mailbox #115
Baltic 0806
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, Ut 84604-1793

(If you want to type it on your computer and have it printed and delivered to her mail box just log on to It is free while they are in the MTC.)

Joseph and Elizabeth Wedding Pictures

Joseph and Elizabeth Wedding Pictures

Here are the pictures the photographer took.
There are some fun ones.

Here is the Family Feud game.
(To play the game, click on the numbers in the bottom left of the page. After a guess you can either hit the key "x" for a wrong answer or hit the number key corresponding to the answer...see the answer sheet below. You can use the "right arrow" and "left arrow" key to determine who gets the points. To assign the points just hit the space bar and they are typed in.)

Here is the answer sheet

Here are the stories people shared.


Danish 101

Ældste Free send a card full of pictures and some movies that arrived today. Here are two video clips that will help you speak Danish. Good luck!

Some wedding clips

Josh and Daniel did the most video taping. I did a little on the morning of the wedding. So I have included three clips here. The first shows Brett, Aisling, Anna, Erika, Ellie, Kent and Becca at the wedding dinner on Friday night and was shot by Josh.

The second one starts out with an interesting experience. Joseph and his groomsman and Melinda got sprayed by a sprinkler. Then we get a behind the scenes video of the bride getting her hair ready. She does not know the camera is there.

The final video just show how cute the couple are...

Be part of some exciting research!

Be part of some exciting research!

We are going to be using some family feud like questions as part of the family dinner for Joseph and Elizabeth on the 28th of March. We need lots of family to submit answers to the questions found here Family Feud. So please fill it out and have lots of others do it as well. The more the "betterer".

Sister Melinda Kay Free is headed to Europe!

I opened my mission call tonight amid many friends and family members. I have been called to serve as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and I have been assigned to labor in the Baltic Mission. I will prepare to preach the gospel in the Lithuanian language, and I report to the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah on June 4, 2008! I am so excited, and I love you all!!!!


P.S. The Baltic mission includes Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. So...Holly wins the guess on where, because she guessed I was going to Latvia! Yeah, Holly!!!

click to see slideshow->

UPDATE: Melinda Mission

OK, an update. Melinda heard from her Bishop on Monday that the online system listed "call sent"! So we are hoping it is coming Friday!

So, if you haven't had a chance to guess a location on Melinda's announcement and add a comment or click here

Also, you can see a map of all the guesses by going to Zoom in and click on the little markers to see who guessed and where.

We are getting close!


Melinda's Going on a Mission...But When and Where???

Melinda's Going on a Mission...But When and Where???

At the beginning of this week my Bishop let me know that the status of my call was "Ready for Assignment." That means that they might have made the assignment yesterday (Thursday)! Sometime soon my call will be mailed! I can hardly wait!

That also means that it is time to get the guesses going. I think it is fair to have one state-side and one foreign guess. Feel free to post your guesses as to where I will go and when the call will arrive!

I Love you all!!!