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Josh's OTS (Opportunity To Speak)

Joshua leaves on his mission to Tokyo on Wednesday July 17th, 2013.

Here is a link to his talk and also a link to a video of the ward choir singing one of Josh's favorite songs "There is a Green Hill Far Away".

Josh's Talk

Andrew's first concert of the year

Andrew's first concert of the year

Andrew had his first concert of the year in the top Poston Jr. High Band. Here he is with his proud mother and brother.

One interesting thing is that a composer had written a piece, Piroska, and then asked the Poston band to play it first, a world premiere! They even had some video folk come to their school to get some images for their web site. So this is the first performance of this piece. That was exciting for them.

Here are links to videos of his numbers. He is hard to see but you can listen to them.

First Number
Second Number
Intro comments to world premiere 3rd number - Piroska
Third Number- world premiere of Piroska
Fourth Number
Andrew says goodbye

Daniel and Josh participate in Mountain View Choir Concert

Daniel and Josh participate in Mountain View Choir Concert

Mountain View had its first Choir concert. All 8 choirs participated. Josh is in the Men's Chorus and Daniel in the Chorale.

I also videotaped some of their numbers. Here are some links:


First Number
Second Number
Third Number


First Number
Second Number
Third Number
Fourth Number


A number Becca sang before: Chili Con Carne

28 Years! Yea!

Thanks to all of you who have made these past 28 years heaven!
We are so happy to be together and surrounded with so many wonderful people.

Daniel's Lion King in the Mountain View High School Broadway Review

Daniel's Lion King in the Mountain View High School Broadway Review

Daniel singing group did some songs from the Lion King. We were lucky to be in the front and be close to him on stage. I turned on my iphone and was able to capture a few minutes of video. It was great. Check it out at this link:

Way to go Daniel!

New Family Pictures

We had some portraits taken at the temple. Check them out here.

Sese Melinda Free's Homecoming!

As many of you know, Sese Melinda Free has just returned from Lithuania. We hope you enjoyed the live broadcasting video from our is so cool to be able to watch it live! We figured that another video wouldn't hurt. I am pretty sure that my Dad will post Sese's talk as well.

It has been such a joy to be with Melinda! Hope you feel that joy from this video!

-Mike Free

P.S. This film was shot on my mom's camera by Adam and Mom. I just post the videos.

Live video of Becca and Melinda's returns

UPDATE 2: We got a call from Melinda, at about 6:30pm, that she was waiting for us on the curb at the airport! I guess she got out on an earlier flight and we were never notified.

So we didn't get to see her come in the airport, but we got to be with her earlier and no airport parking fees!


UPDATE: So Melinda and several other missionaries (11) did not have enough time to make the connection in Frankfurt, Germany so they spent the night there. Melinda had a standby ticket to come home today (Saturday) but we don't know for sure if she was able to get on. But we haven't heard otherwise so we are hoping to see her at Sky Harbor Airport at 10pm.

We will be streaming so you can view it on this page or go to the link below.

We have our fingers crossed!


We are so excited to have our whole family together for the first time in over two years!

The first to arrive is Becca. She lands in Phoenix Sky Harbor at 9am on Friday the 18th. I will be going to pick her up. I am going to test out to stream live audio and video from my iPhone to the web so you can all watch.

So go to at 9am tomorrow morning and you should see a live video feed of Becca in the airport. You can go there early and see some clips I took at the Mountain View Holiday Dinners and Andrew's band concert.

Then at 10pm the main event. Melinda is to arrive at 10pm. So be sure to check out the site. The third and last leg of her flight will be coming from Chicago, American Airlines Aa1733 (if you want to check if they are on time).

Funny Frees Video

Here is a video of our family on iChat. We were choosing names for Christmas, but had to spice it up a bit. Enjoy!

Andrew's Conference Trip

Thanks to so many that put us up and helped us in so many ways. Grandma and Grandpa Free, John and Jen Free, Ric and Jodie Jamison. Thanks!

Here are some photos of the trip:

Peach Faced Love Bird Parrots in Mesa, Arizona!

Last November during our Thanksgiving dinner in the backyard we saw several of these Peach Faced Love Bird Parrots high up in a neighbors tree. We kind of forgot about them.

Now that our sunflowers are ready to eat we found some in our back yard. The first of the movie shows one I was able to get. The last part shows 7 of them at once. However it was shot through my office window that needs cleaning! Sorry. But it was just amazing.

We think that a couple of these escaped and they have been propagating in our nice weather. So here they are enjoying the lovely hot August weather!

Jopes' Trip Photos

Jopes' Trip Photos

Here are some images that Joseph took during our quick outing at Brian Head. It was sooo nice! Click Here.

A pile of pictures to be shared!

A pile of pictures to be shared!

We haven't uploaded pictures in some time. Here are some of the surprise visit with Elizabeth, Joseph and baby Jopes. We also have Becca's graduation and even some cub scout ones. I think there might be some birthday ones as well. I think it starts with us opening a package from Melinda! See them all here.

Smiling 2.0