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Daniel's Lion King in the Mountain View High School Broadway Review

Daniel's Lion King in the Mountain View High School Broadway Review

Daniel singing group did some songs from the Lion King. We were lucky to be in the front and be close to him on stage. I turned on my iphone and was able to capture a few minutes of video. It was great. Check it out at this link:


Way to go Daniel!

Then and Now...

Saw these pictures and thought they looked so similar I had to share!

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Live video of Becca and Melinda's returns

UPDATE 2: We got a call from Melinda, at about 6:30pm, that she was waiting for us on the curb at the airport! I guess she got out on an earlier flight and we were never notified.

So we didn't get to see her come in the airport, but we got to be with her earlier and no airport parking fees!


UPDATE: So Melinda and several other missionaries (11) did not have enough time to make the connection in Frankfurt, Germany so they spent the night there. Melinda had a standby ticket to come home today (Saturday) but we don't know for sure if she was able to get on. But we haven't heard otherwise so we are hoping to see her at Sky Harbor Airport at 10pm.

We will be streaming so you can view it on this page or go to the link below.

We have our fingers crossed!


We are so excited to have our whole family together for the first time in over two years!

The first to arrive is Becca. She lands in Phoenix Sky Harbor at 9am on Friday the 18th. I will be going to pick her up. I am going to test out ustream.tv to stream live audio and video from my iPhone to the web so you can all watch.

So go to http://www.ustream.tv/channel/lovebeingadad at 9am tomorrow morning and you should see a live video feed of Becca in the airport. You can go there early and see some clips I took at the Mountain View Holiday Dinners and Andrew's band concert.

Then at 10pm the main event. Melinda is to arrive at 10pm. So be sure to check out the site. The third and last leg of her flight will be coming from Chicago, American Airlines Aa1733 (if you want to check if they are on time).

Funny Frees Video

Here is a video of our family on iChat. We were choosing names for Christmas, but had to spice it up a bit. Enjoy!

Andrew's Conference Trip

Thanks to so many that put us up and helped us in so many ways. Grandma and Grandpa Free, John and Jen Free, Ric and Jodie Jamison. Thanks!

Here are some photos of the trip:

The blessing of little Joseph

The blessing of little Joseph

Here is a picture I stole off of Joseph and Elizabeth's blog. You can try this link to see the pictures in picasa. Pictures Here Or just watch the slide show here. :)

Doodle Wopps!

Doodle Wopps!

Elizabeth and I decided to try some recipe that we saw a while ago. I got the recipe from Sis. Foster...the amazing women my companion and I stayed with in my last area. She sent me two cook books that she had made for our wedding. So, Doodle Wopps was a fun name and it looked good. So, with some of our left over ham we tried it out! It was really good and was very easy clean up. You can see pictures by clicking here.

Becca's 2008 Christmas Concert

Thanks to Grandpa we have video of Rebecca's recent concert. Here is a single clip. Their group blends their voices so well. She is on the very left. A few seconds into the video and you get more of a closeup.

Midnight "Breaking Dawn" Release

Yes. I know. We are all Twilight junkies.
Jen, Stacy, Lauren, Emily and I all went to the midnight release of the new book in the Twilight saga.

It was the most ridiculous concentration of vampire fanatics ever! In the Borders Bookstore, there were over 1,000 waiting for the book. LUCKILY, we were in line with our reserved numbers in the 260's. Everyone who wanted a book had to have an official wristband with a number on it, and then had to stand single file (for a LOOOONNNNGGG time) as they shuffled groups of people through a winding line around the parking lot and the book store. Crazy! I felt like i was in line for a disney land ride.

What a crowd, and what an awesome book.
I haven't finished reading yet, but i know that Jen and Stacy (and i am also told that Ryan) devoured it the moment they got their hands on it!

Here are some fun pictures from the midnight event:

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Family pictures

I have pulled together some family ancestor pictures and uploaded them to Picasa. (you can download full resolution images suitable for printing 5x7) Some of the pictures I created by putting two of them together. Here is a slide show of these great folk.

Danish 101

Ældste Free send a card full of pictures and some movies that arrived today. Here are two video clips that will help you speak Danish. Good luck!

Some wedding clips

Josh and Daniel did the most video taping. I did a little on the morning of the wedding. So I have included three clips here. The first shows Brett, Aisling, Anna, Erika, Ellie, Kent and Becca at the wedding dinner on Friday night and was shot by Josh.

The second one starts out with an interesting experience. Joseph and his groomsman and Melinda got sprayed by a sprinkler. Then we get a behind the scenes video of the bride getting her hair ready. She does not know the camera is there.

The final video just show how cute the couple are...

Sister Melinda Kay Free is headed to Europe!

I opened my mission call tonight amid many friends and family members. I have been called to serve as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and I have been assigned to labor in the Baltic Mission. I will prepare to preach the gospel in the Lithuanian language, and I report to the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah on June 4, 2008! I am so excited, and I love you all!!!!


P.S. The Baltic mission includes Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. So...Holly wins the guess on where, because she guessed I was going to Latvia! Yeah, Holly!!!

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Melinda's Going on a Mission...But When and Where???

Melinda's Going on a Mission...But When and Where???

At the beginning of this week my Bishop let me know that the status of my call was "Ready for Assignment." That means that they might have made the assignment yesterday (Thursday)! Sometime soon my call will be mailed! I can hardly wait!

That also means that it is time to get the guesses going. I think it is fair to have one state-side and one foreign guess. Feel free to post your guesses as to where I will go and when the call will arrive!

I Love you all!!!

Fall Fun

I have had a wonderful first half of November! With the help of the Hord family, I was able to fly down to AZ and surprise my family on the 1st. On Friday, I went on the Father/Daughter campout with my Dad and sister (you can see a picture of them with some of the YUMMY teryaki sauce we picked up on the way). It was fun to spend time with my family and visit my home ward (and mission prep class...it is the BEST). Joseph and Elizabeth Hord were also down there that weekend (trying out for the Easter Pageant). The three of us flew back to Salt Lake on the same flight and got lunch together (Wendy's) after arriving back in Provo.

This past weekend, Becca and Reid were able to fly out for a visit. Some family friends hosted a baby shower for Becca, and it was a lot of fun. Reid's mom did the food, so of course it was amazing, and they have a lot of great people there. They also had a really fun and creative activity at the shower. There were several plain white onesies and special fabric markers for people to use in decorating them! It was great! I took a couple pictures of Lauren's masterpiece. Ü

Today, I got to go with Becca to the BYU Museum of Art (one of our favorite places to be...lots of good memories Ü). You can see a picture of us in front of the building that a nice girl (enjoying her lunch on a bench nearby) was nice enough to take for us. We looked at almost everything in the building, and we also got to visit briefly with two of her (well, our) former art history professors. We then headed across the street to meet up with Reid for lunch and ice cream (delicious, of course!) at the BYU Creamery. Happy day! ...And a beautiful one. I am also including a couple shots of the fall leaves and blue sky taken today in the courtyard of my building.

I hope you are all having a fun fall!

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