Using Grandpa's napkin holder

... as we ate Sunday dinner outside in the wind. It worked great. Thanks!

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New court is painted!

We finally finished the painting of the court and raised the rim to the right height. Now we are looking fir a name for this arena. Any suggestions? We are thinking we need to paint a logo in the court. Suggestions and designs are welcome.

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Jordan's Jazz Band Performance


Mountain View's jazz band held their Senior Night and here is one song that had a solo by Jordan. Enjoy:

-Richard (hopefully this works because I was having trouble posting straight to

Talkin' to Nate!


Snow on April 30th

We woke up yesterday morning to find that Winter was not ready for Spring to come, even though we are!

Good news though, the weather is looking like it will be absolutely perfect for Melinda and Jeff's wedding!  

The snow has melted now and the weather forecast for May 6th is High of 70˚ and Low of 50˚.  Sure beats the Arizona forecast of 97˚-64˚!

-Mike & Rachel Free =)

Daniel's Graduation Announcement

Here is Daniel's graduation announcement. You'll have to ask him about some of the words listed. ;-)

Mighty Hunters at Fathers & Sons


Sudoku Puzzle(d?)

Rachel is absolutely amazing at figuring out Sudoku puzzles. We do them together...and to be honest, she gets more squares filled in than I do.

Anyways, she recently found a website with some puzzles. One of them is an interesting variation of Sudoku. Can you see the craziness of this puzzle!?!


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Melinda's latest cheesecake creation for Diana's birthday

Melinda has become the cheesecake making queen recently. (Perhaps it is due to Jeff’s love of cheesecake!)
She has an amazing cookbook of several cheesecakes and has many of us our favorites which she has already made. I think Jeff got the “Ultimate Turtle Cheesecake”, I got the brownie cheesecake. I know there were a couple of others.
This is Diana’s “Chocolate Bliss” cheesecake. It was exceptionally smooth and creamy. mmmm
Get your order in to her...

Kate and me at the airport


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What do you think?

So, Rachel and I spent sometime this evening thinking about our little boy's blanket we're going to make.  

We have some squares that Rachel cut out of old t-shirts, so we were "limited" with certain colors.  I learned something in my art classes, and that is:  "Limitations Foster Creativity" or LFC...but that's just an acronym that I just made up on the spot...don't go telling an artist to LFC his paintings, he or she won't get it.

The process of figuring out the pattern and where each color should go was a long, but fun journey.  

I've included a little slideshow of the process...they should be in order.  We first physically folded some squares into triangles and placed them together to figure out a pattern.  From there, I brought out the computer and started messing around with it there.

The last photo in this slideshow is our final product...maybe.  What do you think?

-Mike & Rachel & Baby Free =)

Fun with the GRAND-children

We enjoyed some time with our grandkids.  Here is a video Diana took of little Everlit and Joseph.  It is even available in 1080p for your viewing pleasure (and thanks to my kids that got us a totally awesome camera for christmas!)


Brothers and loved ones!


Mom, dad, Eli after the blessing