Rebecca awarded for Patience!

Rebecca awarded for Patience...

On November 11 the Grandview II ward Young Women had their Evening of Excellence. It was the culmination of each Young Woman picking a personal spiritual gift they wanted to work on. Rebecca chose Patience. There was a beautiful setup like a beauty pageant with flowers and lights and steps onto the risers on the stage. Some lovely music was playing and then they would read about the Young Woman. Here is what Rebecca's said:

Becca gets lots of opportunities for practicing patience in her wonderful family. Patience allows other gifts to shine through, such as forgiveness, an understanding heart, and kindness. Becca wants to continue working on this great gift.

Adam's stage debut...

Adam performing

Adam had his stage debut today. His preschool put on a little Thanksgiving program. He knows his songs and actions but wanted to see if he could hold still. Anyone can follow the crowd, he wanted to see if he could resist. We took video of the program but it pretty much looks just like this picture. Notice his classmate in motion!

John Muir visits Mesa...

Daniel becomes John Muir

John Muir was seen in Mesa tonight. However, that face looks familiar. Daniel's sixth grade class put on a wax museum tonight. Each student picked out a character, did research, wrote a report, made a poster and then dressed up for the parents and family to see. They were very good at holding still...even when their Dad's tried to make them laugh!

All I want for Christmas...

Andrew missing tooth

It finally came out! After days of playing with it Andrew came running in the house today to show his tooth.

"It didn't even bleed!"

Halloween '04

Halloween 04

Here is the gang that were rarin' to go trick-or-treating. Actually they ended up going trunk-or-treating at our church and then Becca and Daniel went to another church too. Doesn't it look like they are ready to go?

Josh meets the Bear!

Josh meets the Bear!

Josh after meeting the Bear.

On Sept 24th Josh had completed all the requirements to become a bear. He just had to go out and meet him! After a bunch of growling and a shoe flying back into the room, Josh emerged as a new Bear!

Josh's Soccer Season

Josh and his Coach

Josh and one of his coaches

Josh had a great soccer season come to a close with the team party at Peter Piper Pizza. He really liked his coaches and played really well this year. Here he is with one of his coaches.

UFO Revealed

UFO revealed as weather balloon

UFO through telescope

On the morning of Sept. 17, 2004 there was a bright white light in the northern sky, barley moving. It was incredibly bright, too big for a star and too round for a plane. Uncle Dave had us check it out. We looked through the binoculars and saw that it was a balloon. So then we got out the telescope to get a closer look. This is the picture we took through the lens of the telescope at 6:25am.

Becca smiles...

Becca hanging...

Becca hanging in there with a smile!

On Nov 13th, Becca and her Dad went on a Father/Daughter Outing. In addition to a great campfire, "inside/outs" (the new s'mores), javelina and coyotes, there was rappelling. She was excited to get up there and do it...look at that smile.

Crites house in Blackfoot Idaho

Here is an early morning shot of the Crites home in Blackfoot, Idaho.
It is beautiful on the outside and inside. I can smell that great
cooking from here!

Joshua & Andrew in Yellowstone

One of our last stops on the way out of the park. We were using our
binoculars to view the Elk in the background. But this tree was such a
great thing to climb on...