Graphic Design Project...


Hey All!

I'm in a Graphic Design class (probably one of my most favorite classes ever), and we've been working on a poster project.  I'm about to get this one printed out (16x20), but I thought I'd show you what it looked like!  Any suggestions or comments?  If you comment soon enough, I might be able to make changes if it needs it!


Thanks Steve Jobs

A large portion of my life has been affected by Steve Jobs.  I'm not just talking about his "magical" devices and his impact on the entire industry and world in many ways.  But I'm talking about his vision and his passion and his willingness to follow the unbeaten path.

He was a master at communicating about something he was passionate about. I admire his vision and his delivery. 

Since waiting in line at number 13 to get a Mac at BYU in 1984, through watching amazing movies by Pixar with my children, through capturing and posting images of my grandchildren from my iPhone I have been inspired by his products and ideas.

I found this video of a graduation talk he gave at Stanford.  In it he tells 3 stories from his life.  I hadn't heard them before. I was impressed and feel that he shared some great insights.

When someone passes it is a good time to review our own lives and see how we are doing. This video helped me do just that.

Thanks Steve for following your vision and working  to make it a reality for all of us.

I love to see the temple...

"I love to see the temple,
Daniel's gone inside today.
We felt the Holy Spirit,
We listened and we prayed."

We had such a great time this morning in the Provo Temple. Daniel got to go through for the first time, and it was great! I loved every minute of it! Though, we were very sad that Mom and Dad Free weren't there with us, but there will be plenty of other opportunities for that in the future!

Congrats Daniel!!!


P.S. Julie Jamison was also there, but she left before we brought out my camera/phone.

New video...

I created a new video that should be easier to see. I added background music. And it includes an error I made...see if you can find it!

Here is the video:

If you haven't signed up yet, give it a shot.  I have changed several things based on feedback (thanks Rachel!).

Let me know.


It finally happened!


McKay finally finished up his Eagle work and was allowed to get his drivers license. Good thing, driving him to his job in Scottsdale was getting old. He works at a restaurant called Posh. Pretty cool concept, check it out here:

2 Boosters at Mtn View Swim Meet


Josh and Elena are swimming today. Elena liked our matching outfits....

Josh swims the fly, looks like a beast!

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Temple work for Marius & his parents

On Thursday night Marius was baptized for his dad. A friend was baptized for his mom. On Friday, Kristin and I did the endowments and then Paul and Lynn were proxies as Marius was sealed to his parents. Beautiful temple and very sweet experiences....

Andrew finishes 18th overall 1st for Mountain View

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Andrew runs in Scottsdale!

Andrew competed in the First Scottsdale Community College Cross Country Invitational (go Fighting 



It was a hot morning but he had a great sprint at the end.  Here is a video of the finish:

First cross country meet!

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Sunday afternoon "joy"


Here is a picture of some of the joy we get most Sunday afternoons.  As you know I love technology, but never like I do now.  How wonderful that our family can be together each Sunday afternoon...even if just virtually.  We missed Daniel and Melinda and Jeff in this session but we were able to have private sessions with them. (I think little David was a little bored with us!)

We also shared a wonderful meal and visit with Dave & Kristin's gang and Dan & Jennifer Crites.  Those always end too early for me. Sitting and visiting is so uplifting to me.

We are excited to be with Michael and Rachel for David's blessing this weekend and to be with many of you.

We are also excited for Daniel...his call status says it is in Salt Lake and that he is "ready for assignment".  Too bad that his call will probably come the day after we leave!  But we have technology, so I expect we will "see" him open his call remotely!


Grandpa's Garden

I thought you would like to see his handiwork.


Love you all,


Free Family PhotoBooth Fun!!!

1st Day of School!