Car Show with the Family!

Absalom and Annie

Well after chores were done and other obligations we diecided to go and awlk around UVSC to see the car show, which I found out is the second largest in the state and one of the largest in the Intermountian west. I guess up north in cache valley they have a bigger one with a cruise included in it. So Jenn and I and our girlies went walking around to see the cars, I was plesantly suprised with the variety and different types of cars they had. Everything from the close to 100k restore from the ground up job to the well maintained daily driver. So here are some pics and alos some pics of the girls enojying the spring time in our yard.

what have you done with your name?

Justin had a great experience the other day at school. He was standing by a stairway with a few other kids talking. One was a joker and pretended that Justin had pushed him and fell backwards. But, there was someone behind him who fell for real. They were all called to the director

Rachel Talmage and James Bivence Wheeler

Rachel and James

Michael and I went to the family history library here in Mesa on Wednesday night. We looked up in the 1881 british census James Bivence Wheeler (he was 17) and Rachel Talmage (she was 19). One of the cool things about the census is that it gives you an address. So we googled around and found a site that would make a street map of Newbury, Berkshire, England. We thought it would be fun to see how close they were together. So here is a map showing the Dibley home (on Northbrook street) (where Rachel was) and the Wheeler home (1 Prospect Place). I can imagine a lot of fun drives between the two. I guess it was soon after that that they got married and came to America leaving their families behind. There are a few pictures of them on the site: James at 12 , James at about 20,Rachel, James and Rachel with their family at Wheeler Ranch west of Pioche, Nevada and one more of James and Rachel together.

I was just searching for more info and found a house for sale at the end of Prospect Place...1 Prospect place was probably at the end...any way here is the picture I found.

Absalom and Annie

Absalom and Annie

Many of you have seen the letter that LaRae Free Kerr sent out about the Annie Hicks Free Reunion on July 15, 2006 at the Wheeler Farm in Salt Lake City. I put together a website to encourage discussion. It is brand new and will be changing but you can go and register so you can get the latest.

Oh by the way here is a picture of Absalom Pennington Free and Annie Hicks Free. I put them together, the dates are certainly not right but it is nice to see them together!

Adam is five

Adam is five

Adam turned five and he couldn't be more happy. He got lots of fun presents and Melinda made his cake complete with lava flowing and one dead dinosaur, with blood! Sounds like something a brother would put there not a sister!

Holly and friends eating Prom dinner at Cafe Nelson

What more could a bunch of teens want: fancy clothes, good friends, great hair, hot date, and plenty of food to much on? A place to dance. And they got it at Thanksgiving Point.

Holly sported great hair from her personal stylist, Stacy!

Mountainview Prom: Michael, Jessica, Brett


Michael, Jessica and Brett all went to Mountainview's prom on are some picts of them all dressed up!

Joseph Mission Pictures...take 1


Here are some of the first pictures from Joseph's Mission. He sent the digital card containing them to his Mother for her birthday. That explains the last picture in the group!

(We don't know the story behind the pictures...but I assume next Monday on preparation day he might enter some comments.)

Birthday Shirts

Birthday Shirts

Mike and I received shirts for our birthday and had a request to post them. So here they are. Mike with his Wisconsin Sponge Bob and me with Napoleon Dynamite's shirt. Let me just add that "Pedro offers you his protection"!

Happy April 15th!

My roommate Shae shared this with me this morning, and I thought I would pass it along to all of you. ?

My addresses

Hey everyone! Things are just great here in Steven's Point Wisconsin. I just thought i would let you all know how to write me. ;)


mail: Elder Joseph Free
1650 Clark St. #7
Stevens Point WI 54481
This will be my address for a while, i will let you know when it changes. I love all of you.

Easter comic

Easter comic

This gave Daniel and I an idea for next Easter...

2005 Rex Lee Run

2005 Rex Lee Run

Hey, I just got back from participating in the 2005 Rex Lee Run. Note my running companion safely tucked away in my pocket. ?