Thanksgiving in Mesa 2011 - See you all next year!

Sorry for the tardiness in getting these out.  These are some pictures shot by Grandma, Grandpa, Joe and Andrew.

There were several more taken by Aisling, Diana, Dave and I'm sure others that may trickle out later.

But hopefully this will get you an idea of the event we have enjoyed.

We didn't get any pictures of our White Friday where we all went to the temple and did a session for many of Jen's ancestors, then we did sealings and the kids did baptisms at the temple.  Mesa Temple was so great!  Without any prior notice they let us do it all, and Uncle John did the baptizing too! We got to the temple at about 8:45am and left about noon.  It was awesome.

I also don't have pictures from the iron chef event or the events for today...

I'm sure they will come.

The bottom line is, we all are loving it and have already decided to make it an annual get it on your calendars!

Looks like there were too many pictures to post! Here is a link to the pictures on posterous. See the photos

Calling all iPhone users

This is a small request from a person who is not currently residing in Arizona:

Where are all the pictures and updates on the Free Family Gathering in Mesa!?! I heard there were going to be some fun activities, but hey, maybe not.

If there are any iPhone users out there (or anyone else willing to do so), feel FREE to send some photos to free4all posterous!


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Thanksgiving Activities Wish List!

For all of you coming to sunny Arizona for Thanksgiving, I thought it might make sense to start an activity wish list.  The intent here is to list things we've got planned as well as thinks we might like to do if we can figure it out.  So don't hold back, add to this list the things you'd love to be a part of and maybe we'll be able to make it happen!



- Turkey bowl football game


- Meal at Joe's house, tables setup out back to enjoy the perfect 70 degrees...
• All the traditional thanksgiving fixings
• Special request items:  1 deep fried turkey

- Naps, movie, etc.




1st Annual Free Family Cook-off! - This is an activity that McKay is driving.  The plan is to divide everyone in the family up into 3 teams.  Each team is given a basket of ingredients and has to go off and cook an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert using the ingredients from the basket.  We thought we could separate to kitchens at Joe & Diana's, Dave and Kristin's, and Jeff and Melinda's.  Grandma and Grandpa will serve as the judges and we all get to eat the results!  McKay already has the team lists put together and he and Brett were talking about t-shirts last night...



For the girls: Shower for Kelly at Brett and Aisling's house

For the boys: Pedicure's at Rosy's Nail Shoppe (just checking to see if you are reading), Real option:  Desert adventure that include shooting, rock hounding, hiking, searching for the Lost Dutchman's mine etc.


Sushi Discovery with Matt & Chiaki - this is my idea. I'd love to learn more about sushi and try out several kinds but want to do it with somebody that knows what they are doing.  Thinking maybe we could order out some from a local restaurant or all go to a local restaurant?

That's what we've got so far.  Please feel free to add other things etc.

The best part of the whole thing will be that we're all together whatever the activities end up being!

See you soon!



This is the link to our new family photos that were taken by a really good family friend............


We really enjoyed the time Mindi put in to the photos and the way she highlighted each person...

enjoy, hopefully this worked!

Our First Recording with my BIRTHDAY PRESENT!

Elizabeth's 1st Song 2.m4a Listen on Posterous

Here is a sweet recording from Elizabeth and her two Josephs!

Begin forwarded message:

>> Jopes got me a microphone and desktop recording studio for my birthday, and this is our first recording from when we were first playing around with it. Expect more!! :)
>> Love,
> Elizabeth
>> P.S. Thanks for the birthday gifts you sent, too!> I LOVE YOU!!!

"epic" movie describing how to avoid holiday stress! ;-)

Destroying the Halloween House with their mouths...

Here is the youtube video of the Josh, Andrew and Jeremy taking out the cinnamon shingle house...

Anyone want a tortoise?

Check out these baby tortoises. Our neighbor raises them and sells the babies. I think they said they had 61 this year! Very cool.

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Closeups of our Halloween Houses

Here are some images of the houses we created.  It was fun!

Halloween Candy Houses

For games in family night tonight we made halloween candy houses.

Here is a video of the results:

Fun on Google + Hangouts!

This last weekend, we tried out the Google + Hangouts. It was pretty fun! I thought I'd share a brief moment of craziness that we had while talking with the Idahoans, BYU-ans, and the Arizonians. Hope you're all having an awesome day!


P.S. You should check out - seriously cool stuff!

Andrew runs final race of 2011 with best time

Andrew competed in the city race for freshman and finished 7th in the city. First for Mountain View. It was a tough race but he did great. 

Reminds me of his brother Mike!

Another picture of Roseanna Jean Simons


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Roseanna Jean Simons is here!

Kara had her baby! Roseanna Jean Simons 10/19/11 4:30 am 6 lb 12 oz 21.5 in
CB#: 605-890-1048

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Graphic Design Project...


Hey All!

I'm in a Graphic Design class (probably one of my most favorite classes ever), and we've been working on a poster project.  I'm about to get this one printed out (16x20), but I thought I'd show you what it looked like!  Any suggestions or comments?  If you comment soon enough, I might be able to make changes if it needs it!