Your Purpose

One of my fellow teachers at the MTC asked the senior missionaries an interesting question. I wanted to ask you the same question and see what answers we come up with.

As a missionary, you are given the purpose statement: "Invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored Gospel through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and his Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end."

If there is anything that you are wondering if it is a good missionary activity, you can always refer back to that statement and ask yourself, "Will this help me fulfill my purpose as a missionary?"

The question that my fellow teacher asked was, "What is 'our purpose' for life?"

Please reply with your thoughts and some scriptures if you'd like.

Tristan Silva has arrived.........Pictures to follow as we get them!

Momma is doing fine, Rachel was connected by skype through a laptop, says baby is sleeping in moms arms right now.........

Josh's Eagle Project

Josh's Eagle Project is this week. To read more about it go to his site:

You can read about it and even donate a dollar or two.  You might recognize the photos of a little child that benefited in the past (Becca when she was 4!).



President's Day Hike @ Papago Park

We did a quick hike this morning on the Buttes at Papago park.

He's in!

Well, it's official; Elder Daniel Free has officially made it into the MTC!!!!!!!!

I do have a couple of photos, but I can't access them right now.  Maybe I'll post them later today or tomorrow.

Neat experience:  I called Daniel up today just to figure out when and where to meet up.  I then told him that last night, I was starting to feel that feeling of "Wow...I'm really going to miss my brother.  He's leaving."  He then told me something that shows who he is:

"Yeah, I felt that same feeling right after I said goodbye at the airport, but I'm not gonna lie.  As soon as I turned around and started walking to the gate, I had a smile on.  I'm starting my mission!"

He's so excited and ready to go.  He didn't spend a long time at all saying goodbye...rather he was saying hi to all of the other missionaries.  Fort're in for a treat!

Hurrah for Israel!  He's going to love being a missionary!

Daniel's Sacrament Meeting Talk

We have enjoyed a wonderful weekend with our entire family together...amazingingly wonderfully delicious to be together, to play, to talk and to worship together. 

I recorded Daniel's talk for Sacrament meeting.  Unfortunately, the device I use to get a great connection was missing.  So it is a bit noisy, but I think you can pick it out.  It was wonderful.

Daniel's_OTS_1-30-12.m4a Listen on Posterous

The Zandy Chefs Part 1

Mandy and Savannah were being VERY creative and made these videos. Watch them in order, and theres commercials  too :) 

100_6993.MOV Watch on Posterous

100_6995.MOV Watch on Posterous

100_6997.MOV Watch on Posterous

100_6999.MOV Watch on Posterous

Grandma surprises Becca

Grandma surprised is the movie.


More storage in Mesa

Santa visited Mesa this Christmas and we ended up with some beautiful cabinets compliments of the Jamison's.  The shelves are filling up and Diana is smiling!  Thought we would share some photos.

Some Christmas Prints...

Here are some prints that were given for Christmas gifts.  Thought I would share them.


Christmas Adam @ Tia Rosas!


Felix Navidad everyone! We started a new tradition this
evening--Christmas Adam (day before Christmas Eve) at Tia Rosas!

Cool in so many ways...

A friend of mine posted this video.  I totally dig this contraption!

Fun at the Holiday Dinner for Mountain View High School Choirs - Josh

We had a great time at the Holiday Dinners last night where all the choirs perform and we get a nice meal.  Here is one of the songs Josh's group performed.  It was fun!

Melinda, Jeff, Gloria and Diana and I went.  Very pleasant evening.

My favorite part is the end when all the choirs come out and surround the entire room and sing a couple of songs.  They even invite the alumni up, so Melinda got to stand next to Josh.  Very nice.

Let him in...

Here's hoping we all have time to let him in...


Pictures of AZ Thanksgiving...

Thanks Mom for sending all of these photos!  I figured I would post them on posterous for everyone else to see!