Jake's Homecoming Talk

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Jake did a great job on his homecoming talk today.  Here is a recording (thanks Dan!) hope it works!

Elizabeth & Lauren's amazing nests!


Happy Birthday Joe and Happy Jake!


All the way home!


Maddie's first question: how tall are you?


We got him!


Waitn' for Jake!


Jake is On His Way!


After having to spend the night in the Miami airport because of a flight cancellation (apparently the fuel storage tanks in Miami caught on fire), Jake flew from Miami to Atlanta this morning and his flight is now on it's way from Atlanta to Phoenix (We hope he is on it!).

He's scheduled to arrive 12:18 AZ time.  More pictures to follow!

The final resting place for the Blue Couches

 Thanks to Ben and Elizabeth (and Dave and Kristin) we can finally retire our blue couches.  I thought it would be appropriate to show their final resting place. 

Thanks to Dan, Hunter and Josh for helping me get them to the dump and sitting on them!




So...an Elder told me, just before he left, the following:

"I've been trying to figure it out this whole week.  Your face reminds me of someone.  Now I know!  You just need to add on a thin mustache and you look just like David Niven!"

So, I looked him up and I think he got pretty close!  What do you think!?!

-Mike, aka David Niven

Jee on the Boogie

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Mom & Ellie No Boogie


Maddie on the boogie

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Jee & Mr. Crabs!


Free tickets to Brain Surge!


Kristin got online and found us some free tickets to the filming of
Brain Surge, a Nickoloden game show. We're horse but it was fun!