A Suite Deal

So yesterday we got a great surprise.  Urgent Care Extra has a suite at the Suns arena.  As part of that they had a special offer that would allow us to buy nosebleed Suns tickets for $5 for last night's game against the Clippers.  So I thought it would be a fun thing to do with the kids. Becca had plans but the boys we in.  

Then as I was about to order the tickets I get an email that they have some tickets left for the suite if we wanted them.  I contacted them instantly and ended up with four tickets to the suite and the parking pass!

So we drive up to our reserved parking spot, walk in to where the "beautiful people" are. We get the free food, the multiple TVs, the couches, and the great view.

What made it even better was the lowly Suns were able to beat the Clippers!  It was exciting to the last moment.

Actually, the best part was being with these guys!  Thanks Josh, Andrew and Adam!