Camping in Idaho...some of the photos

We did it!  We went camping!  And it was fun.  Here's a little day-by-day report of it.

Rachel, David, and I left Utah and drove up to Rexburg to meet up with Jopes, Elizabeth, Joseph, and Everlit.  We all squished into Jopes' Durango (both Elizabeth and I were sitting cross-legged in our seats because the foot room was all taken by food, blankets, etc).  Jopes drove us up to the Mesa Falls campground.

We arrived pretty late, so we used a couple of flashlights to get the tents set up.  We found a skunk right next to our campsite!  We also saw a fox later on.  

We all woke up and ate some yummy breakfast burritos.  We forgot to pack any cooking utensils, so we tried to use plastic forks and knives...not too much luck.  So Jopes took out his hatchet and stirred the scrambled eggs.  =)  If that wasn't funny enough, I didn't have any rope to tie up my foam pads, so we used one of Jopes' belts and one of his church ties to get the whole thing bundled.  Camping is GREAT!

Jopes and I did some fishing while everyone else was enjoying the great outdoors.  We both caught a fish, which that alone was worth the trip!  I love fishing!

We got into the car and drove to a couple of places, like the upper Mesa Falls area.  We also found the "beginning" of the river (Warm River) we were camping next to.  It was coming out of the side of a mountain.

We came "home" and made some yummy tinfoil dinner.  We also enjoyed the skunk and fox that joined us later that evening.

We woke up and enjoyed some cold cereal while sitting out in the sun next to the river.  It was just a nice relaxing morning.  Jopes saw an Osprey dive to catch a fish right next to us.  It was cool to see.

We packed up the campsite and left for home around noon.


It was so fun to be out in nature and not have to worry about school, work, or anything!  Nobody had cellphone service or anything else to do, other than to enjoy camping!  David enjoyed playing with his cousins.  It was fun to be with family out there.  I love camping!

I'm including some photos I took.  My battery wasn't too charged, so I didn't get too many photos.  I know Rachel took some on her camera and so did Jopes and Elizabeth.

Enjoy!  We did!

-Mike Free