Remember these brothers


June 27, 1844, 168 years ago Joseph and Hyrum Smith gave their lives for their testimony. They were outstanding in so many ways including magnifying their priesthood responsibilities and restoring the fullness of the gospel. 

I have always loved that they were allowed to be together through it all. Having great brothers myself I know what a great blessing that is. Going through really hard times with someone else is a true blessing. Doing it alone is an overwhelming burden.

The Lord from the beginning has encouraged us to be our "brothers keeper". To see all men as our brothers. And to love him and all men.

Here is a link to a song sung by the MTC choir filled with Elders and Sisters singing "Praise to the Man" from April Saturday morning session. Download it, turn up the speakers and spend the next 5 minutes and 8 seconds thinking of the great blessings you have because of these brothers.

As you play it think of the words, think who is singing.  "Millions shall know Brother Joseph again" sung by a representative group of over 50,000 who are sharing with the world.

I feel a greater need to be more of a brother to everyone I meet and I look forward to meeting these great brothers and thanking them.