New chapter........

So this morning before church I recieved a call from the counseler in the bishopric saying that he would like to meet with me before he left on a business trip today.   So we went to sacrement and setup a meeting in the clerks office for after the meeting.  Jen and I both went in and as the counseler was asking questions about what our plans our, started to get the feeling that a calling was forth coming.  He extended the calling for the 2nd counseler in the Young Mens, as the advisor to the deacons (15 in the ward right now) and assistant scout master.  This would include 10-12 campouts per year, he threw in that they are two for two in Jan, Feb.

He stated that they wanted to make sure that the ones called to help the youth, knew they had a special opportunity to influence and establish correct principles and habits in the lives of the youth.  I recieved at that time a confirmation that indeed, the experience that I had as a youth would serve as a building block for my experience to come.  I was fortunate to have some great youth leaders that put in countless hours and many late nights to help guide me and my fellow youth.  As mutal is on Tuesday and they are trying to have the Deacons do 10-12 camputs a year, wanting the advisors to be able to be there and support the youth.

I had considered my work schedule and how Tuesday nights I am home early and Audrey goes to Mutal.  Dropping her off I remember fond memories of meetings and activites that still to this day have helped me grow into who I am.  I rarely work on Friday evening and Saturday, so that opens up times to be able to go on the campouts and interact with the youth. 

Currently as I am filling out my scouting form for the background check, I am humbled that I get to work with the valiant youth of today!  Helping new priesthood holders to understand the privledge of passing the sacrament, and helping others with acts of charity and kindness.

Thank you Brothers and Father for your example as you have served in various callings and how diligent you have been.  I pray that I will be able to learn, instruct, teach and edify as needed for the youth in this ward..........  Hope everyone had a great weekend!