He's in!

Well, it's official; Elder Daniel Free has officially made it into the MTC!!!!!!!!

I do have a couple of photos, but I can't access them right now.  Maybe I'll post them later today or tomorrow.

Neat experience:  I called Daniel up today just to figure out when and where to meet up.  I then told him that last night, I was starting to feel that feeling of "Wow...I'm really going to miss my brother.  He's leaving."  He then told me something that shows who he is:

"Yeah, I felt that same feeling right after I said goodbye at the airport, but I'm not gonna lie.  As soon as I turned around and started walking to the gate, I had a smile on.  I'm starting my mission!"

He's so excited and ready to go.  He didn't spend a long time at all saying goodbye...rather he was saying hi to all of the other missionaries.  Fort Lauderdale...you're in for a treat!

Hurrah for Israel!  He's going to love being a missionary!