Thanksgiving in Mesa 2011 - See you all next year!

Sorry for the tardiness in getting these out.  These are some pictures shot by Grandma, Grandpa, Joe and Andrew.

There were several more taken by Aisling, Diana, Dave and I'm sure others that may trickle out later.

But hopefully this will get you an idea of the event we have enjoyed.

We didn't get any pictures of our White Friday where we all went to the temple and did a session for many of Jen's ancestors, then we did sealings and the kids did baptisms at the temple.  Mesa Temple was so great!  Without any prior notice they let us do it all, and Uncle John did the baptizing too! We got to the temple at about 8:45am and left about noon.  It was awesome.

I also don't have pictures from the iron chef event or the events for today...

I'm sure they will come.

The bottom line is, we all are loving it and have already decided to make it an annual get it on your calendars!

Looks like there were too many pictures to post! Here is a link to the pictures on posterous. See the photos