Thanksgiving Activities Wish List!

For all of you coming to sunny Arizona for Thanksgiving, I thought it might make sense to start an activity wish list.  The intent here is to list things we've got planned as well as thinks we might like to do if we can figure it out.  So don't hold back, add to this list the things you'd love to be a part of and maybe we'll be able to make it happen!



- Turkey bowl football game


- Meal at Joe's house, tables setup out back to enjoy the perfect 70 degrees...
• All the traditional thanksgiving fixings
• Special request items:  1 deep fried turkey

- Naps, movie, etc.




1st Annual Free Family Cook-off! - This is an activity that McKay is driving.  The plan is to divide everyone in the family up into 3 teams.  Each team is given a basket of ingredients and has to go off and cook an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert using the ingredients from the basket.  We thought we could separate to kitchens at Joe & Diana's, Dave and Kristin's, and Jeff and Melinda's.  Grandma and Grandpa will serve as the judges and we all get to eat the results!  McKay already has the team lists put together and he and Brett were talking about t-shirts last night...



For the girls: Shower for Kelly at Brett and Aisling's house

For the boys: Pedicure's at Rosy's Nail Shoppe (just checking to see if you are reading), Real option:  Desert adventure that include shooting, rock hounding, hiking, searching for the Lost Dutchman's mine etc.


Sushi Discovery with Matt & Chiaki - this is my idea. I'd love to learn more about sushi and try out several kinds but want to do it with somebody that knows what they are doing.  Thinking maybe we could order out some from a local restaurant or all go to a local restaurant?

That's what we've got so far.  Please feel free to add other things etc.

The best part of the whole thing will be that we're all together whatever the activities end up being!

See you soon!