Thanks Steve Jobs

A large portion of my life has been affected by Steve Jobs.  I'm not just talking about his "magical" devices and his impact on the entire industry and world in many ways.  But I'm talking about his vision and his passion and his willingness to follow the unbeaten path.

He was a master at communicating about something he was passionate about. I admire his vision and his delivery. 

Since waiting in line at number 13 to get a Mac at BYU in 1984, through watching amazing movies by Pixar with my children, through capturing and posting images of my grandchildren from my iPhone I have been inspired by his products and ideas.

I found this video of a graduation talk he gave at Stanford.  In it he tells 3 stories from his life.  I hadn't heard them before. I was impressed and feel that he shared some great insights.

When someone passes it is a good time to review our own lives and see how we are doing. This video helped me do just that.

Thanks Steve for following your vision and working  to make it a reality for all of us.