Sunday afternoon "joy"


Here is a picture of some of the joy we get most Sunday afternoons.  As you know I love technology, but never like I do now.  How wonderful that our family can be together each Sunday afternoon...even if just virtually.  We missed Daniel and Melinda and Jeff in this session but we were able to have private sessions with them. (I think little David was a little bored with us!)

We also shared a wonderful meal and visit with Dave & Kristin's gang and Dan & Jennifer Crites.  Those always end too early for me. Sitting and visiting is so uplifting to me.

We are excited to be with Michael and Rachel for David's blessing this weekend and to be with many of you.

We are also excited for Daniel...his call status says it is in Salt Lake and that he is "ready for assignment".  Too bad that his call will probably come the day after we leave!  But we have technology, so I expect we will "see" him open his call remotely!