Rexburg Family Pictures

So, you all have to vote for the best pictures.  We need to know which is the best overall family picture, the best couple picture, the best of Joseph, and the best of Everlit.  Enjoy.
Jopes, Elizabeth, Joseph, and Everlit.

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They are all GREAT! Here are some of my favorites....
Family pictures: 1,6,9,15&16(Joseph in one and Everlit in the other)
Couple shots: 21,24,25***,26
Jopes & Joseph: 27,28,29,31
Joseph: 32,35,36,37,39,41,43***
Elizabeth & Everlit: 44,46,48**,49**
Everlit: 50,58,60
Joseph & Everlit: 63,64,68,69,70,72,74,75,79,80***,81

You are all just too photogenic! I'm glad that I can look at them all!