The Baby...

To have the baby or not to have the baby.  That is the question.

At the moment, it really is the question!  Around 7:00 last night I started having contractions that kept getting stronger and stronger and closer and closer together until they were just about 2 minuts apart. (of course it was while we were in the temple for a session... not the most convenient time, but whatever!)  One temple session and 17 contractions later, we got out and called Mike's aunt who works in the Mom-Baby section of the hospital and asked her if she thought we should go in.  She said yes, if for nothing more than peace of mind... so we ran home, packed some bags full of Twisted Bars, fruit snacks, movies, and my makeup, ate some cereal (I figured if they were going to tell me I couldn't eat, I wanted the news on a full stomach!)  We checked into the hospital, they hooked me up to machines (after I put on the lovely gown that only sort of ties up in the back) and started monitoring both me and the baby.  Baby looks great, and I'd already dilated to a 2.  They gave me some medicine to stop the contractions, and a steroid to help the baby's lungs develop more quickly just in case... then they gave me more medicine to stop the contractions, and then more, but they're still going.  I got a couple hours of sleep... literally about 2, and Mike stayed the night on the fold down futon couch thing, which actually looks really comfortable.  And this morning they gave me more medicine, which hasn't really slowed down the contractions, but at least they're MUCH more mild so that I rarely notice them other than the little blip on the screen.  The hope is that they'll stop all together, but if not that at least we can keep the baby in there until he's been on the steroids for 48 hours to give his lungs a good chance of being fully functional when he's born.  So now we wait... and wait... and wait some more!  If the medicine stops the contractions all-together and they don't start again when they take me off it, then I can go home.  But if they don't stop with the medicine, or start up again when they take me off it, or if they get more intense (last night the medicine stopped them for awhile, but they started up again just as strong LONG before I was due for another dose) then I'll be staying here til the baby comes, which could be tomorrow or in a few weeks from now!  
Thus the adventures of Mike and Rachel continue as life is just full of surprises!


~Rachel =)