Doing Our Part To Save The Planet--And It Tastes Good!

After being inspired by a "preparedness fair" at the church over the weekend, we got out our sun oven this afternoon and tried it out with a little loaf of bread. It worked like a charm. Outside temperature was under a hundred (a little) and we had no problem maintaining over 350 degrees. Had to rotate the box every 20 to 30 minutes to follow the sun, but that was kind of fun. After the little loaf we put a full size cinnamon loaf in and it tastes great as well. Sorry, no pictures of that one--it went too fast.

Bottomline: you can cook things--real things--with just the sun (and an insulated box, and some glass, and some reflective material). It probably helps if you live in Arizona, but not required.

Doing Our Part To Save The Planet--And It Tastes Good!

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Woah woah woah! That is pretty sweet! That would be a fun project to do. Thanks for posting!

So did you already have the

So did you already have the oven? How about some pictures of that and how to make it!

already had it

Yes, we've had the oven for several years tucked away in our garage. We purchased it from a food storage place so I really don't know how to make one. We had tried cookies a few times but never with great success. I think a key is pre-heating the oven before putting the food in, just like you do with your oven.