Dreaming about You!

So, uh...I haven't posted in a long time, but I wanted to share a hilarious dream that I had last night. It was pretty funny...and "sweet" at the same time!

I was in the middle of a large field with the whole Free family. It seemed like a place for a family reunion. Suddenly, we all burst into action. We were having a food fight! I remember seeing Justin throw some pie, while McKay was throwing some Jello. Food was flying everywhere! We then sort of just got into teams...I think there were four. Anyways, I was the only one that switched between the different teams. It was intense. The large field became larger...almost like Lord-of-the-Rings-battle-field size. People were dodging every little scoop of cream or piece of meat. We were all laughing, but very serious at the same time. It reminds me of playing in the backyard with Chad and all of the other boy cousins.

The battle was long and hard. Many were "wounded". We started running out of ammo! We all had to be very creative in our weapons. I remember finding some hard peanuts and throwing those at the other teams. Too fun!

After running out of peanuts, I switched over to another team that was hiding in a small bedroom in a house. We were all scared to come out, but we were ready for anyone who wanted to come in. I remember sitting on a small bed, tucked in the sheets, hoping that they would act as a good shield. For some reason, Justin got this vibe that "Nate was preparing something huge" on the other team. We got kind of scared, but held on tight. There was a knock at the door. We cautiously opened it. To our surprise and great relief, McKay came in with a blender and an open can of tomato sauce! Inside of that blender was a mini birthday cake complete with candles! He said, "We wanted to give you some cake!"

We put our guard down and welcomed him in, but I knew better. All of the sudden, he jumped forward with his blender to "pour" the cake out onto my clothes. Remembering that I had just washed these clothes, I pleaded with him that he wouldn't do that. There was a little bit of tomato sauce that came out as a result of him jumping, but luckily, it hit the blanket...and not me. He stopped and accepted my plea...

And then I woke up! Pretty fun, eh? Anyways, I thought I would share that with you and say that we are excited to see you all at the reunion. All this talk of food assignments coupled with my little experiences of seeing one clip from Lord of the Rings, doing laundry, and watching the little kids in "Little Woman" toss some food down at the people at the ball, lead me to a fun dream!

-Mike & Rachel

Dreaming about You!

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Mike, What an awesome dream! I hope we actually have that much fun!