Wordle - A Cool Way to Look at Cool Scriptures!

Several months ago Joe showed me a free online tool called Wordle. You can check it out at www.wordle.net. The concept is simple: you plug in some text and based on frequency of use it creates a "word cloud." Words used more often are larger in size. Less frequent words are smaller etc. It also has color and layout options so that you can make all kinds of cool looking diagrams.

Anyway this morning I was reading Enos and thought it would be cool to do a word cloud of all the verses in which he describes praying. So I went through and selected those verses and then pasted it into Wordle. Here are a couple of the results:

Wordle - Create-1

The second one is the same text just different layout and color:

Wordle - Create-3

Sorry, the third is one more of the same text:

Wordle - Create-2

Next I got to thinking that D&C 4 might be interesting for our currently serving missionaries so the final one is a version of D&C 4:

Wordle - Create

Pretty cool uh? Like I said it is free so check it out. Thinking President Monson's conference address might be interesting....