Takin' Jake to the MTC

We had a great family trip taking Jake to the MTC last week. We captured a few pictures along the way. Though we missed some of the best parts: a session in the Salt Lake Temple, an open house tour of the new Draper Temple, and visiting all of our friends and family in Utah. It was a great time.

We haven't heard from Jake yet but are confident that all is well. If you would like to write to him his PO Box in the MTC is 217.

Looking at the pictures you would think all we ever do is eat out! That just happens to be the only time we think about breaking out the camera!

Here are all the pictures:

Takin' Jake to the MTC

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so fun!

Wow! That looked so fun and brings back great memories! We can't wait to hear how Elder Free is doing! Congratulations on a great trip.


What a fun trip. Was I the only one that noticed Jake talking on his iphone in front of the MTC sign and then his Dad talking on the iphone in the restaurant later?! Too fun. Can't wait to get me an iphone!