Doodle Wopps!

Elizabeth and I decided to try some recipe that we saw a while ago. I got the recipe from Sis. Foster...the amazing women my companion and I stayed with in my last area. She sent me two cook books that she had made for our wedding. So, Doodle Wopps was a fun name and it looked good. So, with some of our left over ham we tried it out! It was really good and was very easy clean up. You can see pictures by clicking here.

Doodle Wopps!

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That recipe looks really good! We will have to try it! By the way, the pictures have been taken but now we need to resize them and will post them here on the blog instead facebook.

Sounds good!

No biggy. Elizabeth was just excited to see how the house looks and how you set it up. We've been playing house recently...changing things and what not. It's fun!