Another Sister Free Ready for the Mission Field!

As of today, Jessica's mission papers are in Salt Lake! Within the next few weeks we will know where she is heading. In the mean time, it's lots of fun to guess! So please add comments below and let us know what part of the vineyard you think Jess will be called to serve in.

Another Sister Free Ready for the Mission Field!

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I pick Italy. That would be karma; right? *wink* Second choice is Manhattan. Jess, wherever you are sent, you are going to rock!!!

Jess Kae Free, 123!!!!

Well, I have no idea. Do they have missionaries in Romania?? :) That's baby boy Free's guess-Romania. My guess though, is France. Or somewhere in Idaho!! (I've got to get you here somehow!) I'm so excited for you, Jess!! Love you!!


Yes, A sister from our ward just returned from Romania.

State Side

Okay, I'm going to guess state side, as my subject says. I would just love for you to serve in Wisconsin...but I say Sister Free will serve in Alaska! Yay for you Jess! LOVE YOU!


I'll guessing Lithuania. What could be better than two Sister Free's serving together?

I love your picture Jessica!

I love your picture Jessica! I'm thinking you'll serve in the Netherlands. We're so excited for you and your family. It's the best.

You are so beautiful!

Hmm... I guess Texas for stateside and Peru for foreign. I know that is kind of cheating... whatever. :)

You are definitely, maybe, going to go...

To Australia!!!! Way down unda!!!!
You know, so when i write you letters i can write..." Jehhesss!!" just like on Man From Snowy River Ü

let´s see...

If I guess Brazil often enough someone will eventually come here, right? But, I think that it won´t be Brazil, it will be Romania. Wherever you go you will be great! That´s for sure Ü.

Grandma predicts Russia.

Grandma predicts Russia. Grandpa predicts RochesterzP82ES