Glitter Pit Adventure

Here is a little record of Grandpa, Mandy and Brandon on an adventure. The Glitter pit is an abandoned mica mine about 12 miles south of ST George. Evidently it was once used to obtain mica flakes for making shiny flakes in plaster. Someone said it had been used when they first built the ST George Temple, although I don't have any historical documentation on that. It is located 1.7 miles across the state border in Arizona. Mica is another name for the gypsum crystal called selenite. Small crystals like these large ones may be found on the white hills near Panaca. We used to delight in finding them as they glistened in the sun.

This particular vein of large intertwined crystals is about 10 feet wide and 40 feet long . As you may be able to see, this mineral has cleavage along one plane and is quite soft. In the past it was separated into thin sheets for electrical insulation or for small windows on furnaces.

Whether or not you are interested, you can be sure Mandy Rockhound was very interested as shown by the look in her eyes. Brandon was more about being a miner and wielding the pick.

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these pictures are so cute!!

these pictures are so cute!! it makes me sad that i made the children take all those "rocks" out of the house...well, sort of. the adventure is the best part. thanks for giving them the fun. now, can you come collect all these "rocks"? just kidding. :) elizabeth

Cute pictures

i see the picture and enjoyed it very much it reminds me my chilhood when i go to somewhere in my summer vacation i also enjoyed very much also look cute like these childrens.

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