The Call is Here, but Jake is Not!

Jake's mission call arrived today, but Jake isn't due to get home from BYU-I until Monday. So far he is saying he will wait till he gets home but I don't how long that resolve will last. So hurry and get your guesses in. We're looking for both location and leave date.

ps. has anyone ever actually steamed open a letter? we're wondering if there is anything we should be aware of before we attempt it....

The Call is Here, but Jake is Not!

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I have heard that an xacto

I have heard that an xacto knife along the bottom seam works pretty well...I've heard. I'm guessing Brazil before Rachel does! And he will leave in mid February.


i think jake will go to upstate new york and he will leave in mid feb.
yeah for jakey!!

I think Jake will go...

to Fiji in the beginning of March... I am so excited for you! Monday seems far away! lol

Love, Aunt Jen

I think...

Jake will go to London England in January.
Savannah says, "Jake will go to china and leave in April."

there is no way you can wait

there is no way you can wait until monday! just open it! i bet you will be called to serve in North Carolina and will leave on March 12th.

washington either in the end

washington either in the end of feb or early march

Jake is out of here!!!

DeeAnna and I both commented it would be South America, DeeAnna specifically says Peru!! Jake pack your bags and you are out of here on January 28th!! Congratulations and have that will power brother to wait until Monday!!!!

i think

i think jake is going to sotuh america probably chile in march

From Mom!

Wow Jake, I've been fasting for this for an entire year and it's finally here! I'm thinking Manhattan, Spanish speaking. Whereever it is, I'm assured it will be perfect for you! March 15 ish for the sign in date.

Jake is going to....

well, of course my first choice is Brazil...Ü But, what comes to mind is Chicago. Let´s see, huh?