An Overdue Update...

Hey everyone! Just thought we'd give a quick little update on life way up north!
Joseph played on a competitive ultimate frisbee team this semester. His team, the Titans, only lost one game the entire season, which took them to the championship finals. They played and practiced hard, and it payed off! They won the championship 14-10. Yay! Go Titans! I love going to watch him play... he enjoys it so much.
About three weeks ago, we were accepted as the new assistant managers for one of the mens housing complexes, so we packed up and moved that very weekend! Now we live right across from campus again, right next door to where we both lived before we were married. It's a 3 bedroom apartment, and we love it! One of the bedrooms is even painted pink!
Which brings us to our next bit of news... we're sure most of you have heard already that we're having a baby boy! Makes the pink bedroom kinda pointless, but we're excited nonetheless! I'll just have to turn the pink room into my project room or something. :)

An Overdue Update...

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Congratulations! I'm glad

Congratulations! I'm glad that you had such a great time and season! We can't wait for this weekend! Good luck with all of the preparations this week.