Mountain View High School (Orem, UT) Marching Band Trophies

"Count" Jordan had a Halloween Band Concert this evening and it was really good (of course). All the trophies from his marching band (Orem High Marching Band with half Mountain View students) were displayed in the lobby. They did very well this year and racked up 23 trophies in six competitions earning first place in their division in each. Just in case the slideshow does not display or you want to see larger pictures, you can see them here

Mountain View High School (Orem, UT) Marching Band Trophies

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Way to Go!

Looks like Count Jordan didn't have any problem counting the beat...he he he...lame joke. :) Congratulations! That's great that the concert was at MVHS instead of OHS - you know what kind of people went there: OUR PARENTS! Love you Jordan!

Good Job!

Good job Jordan! I was hoping to hear some of those trophy winning notes...