Our Little Addition

We're a little slow in getting these first pictures up here, but here they are - our first pictures of the baby! These are actually from our first appointment back in August. We find out if we've got a boy or girl on October 30th, so if you want to guess, do so before then!! :) We love you all!

Our Little Addition

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I'll start it off!

OK, as the grandpa here, it is my duty to lead the way. (Grandma will follow later and correct everything I mess up!)

I'm guessing you are going to start out with a sweet little girl that will just melt everyone's hearts and she will have special hugs for her grandpa that will spoil her to his best ability. My second guess is that you will have a little boy that will love to hang with his grandpa, go fishing, and be the world's best missionary.

To make it fair, I'm going to limit it to two guesses.

our little edition

It is for certain that it will be a girl! Your grandpa Joe had a girl first; your father, Joe had a girl first; your uncle Dave had a girl first; your uncle Matt had a girl first; and your uncle John had a girl first! Nothing wrong with a lovely angel to be your first experience of being parents.

boy girl

I think it will be a boy or girl or twins

We think there is a little

We think there is a little boy in mom's oven. Joe/Joseph Free equals boys.


What a CUTE little seamonkey. :)

the little angel... :)

well....being jopes' chicky babe...i believe that elizabeth will have a beautiful little angelface and she will have the most gorgeous blue eyes like her father and thick luscious brown hair like her mother.... :) i will be her favorite babysitter, and she will always smile for me.... :) she will have long slender fingers for playing an instument and will have the best smile.... :)
man, i can not wait for her to come!!!!!

but if she decides to come out a boy don't think that i will love him any less...:) i love you jopes and elzbeth!!!!!

Thanks! I love all these

Thanks! I love all these predictions! Especially the ones that predict more than the baby's gender! It's fun to hear what everyone thinks our baby will be/look like! :)