Audrey's New Glasses and blog about Savannah in ER

Today Audrey joined the glasses club! She is the same age (nine) when her mother got her first pair of glasses! She loves wearing her glasses and cannot wait to show them off to everyone. She is supposed to wear them at school or church. She doesn’t need to wear them while doing homework, reading, and playing outside. As for Savannah, on Sunday after church, Savannah found a small red bead on the floor. She decided to see what it feels like sticking the bead up her nose. To her surprise, it got stuck and came to Mom hoping I could pull it out. I grabbed the tweezers and tried to pull it out, which by the way is a big no no since it was located high up in her nose. I was lucky I didn’t damage any tissue. I gave up after a few minutes and told John to take her to the emergency room because I was worried it may travel to her sinus or respiratory system. She got a chalk board from the ER nurse. The nurse said, “You have to give this chalk board back to me if you put anything else up your nose.” Savannah agreed with the nurse saying she won’t put anything up her nose ever again (crossing my fingers she will keep that promise). Anyway she was brave throughout the procedure. She didn’t scream or shed a tear. The doctor had John try to blow in her mouth while plugging the unaffected side of her nose to see if the bead would fall out, which was unsuccessful. So the doctor used some long tweezers and some hook thing to pull the bead out. Hopefully, her emergency room experience was traumatic enough that she won’t ever do that again!

Audrey's New Glasses and blog about Savannah in ER

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You are looking pretty cool

You are looking pretty cool Audrey! It is amazing when you wear them?

Savannah, you need to draw a picture of the bead in your nose on the chalkboard and have your mom take a picture of it so we can see it!