I think most of you are aware of the little boy named Marius that Jess met in Romania and we, along with a growing group of others, are trying to help get better medical attention and care. Steady progress is being made and thanks to your fasting and prayers miracles have and are occurring. I'll let Kristin fill you in on those while I focus on the more mundane.

We have set up a website for the effort at It is in its infant stages but one of the features is an opportunity to send a message to Marius. Submitted messages will be translated and read to Marius to help brighten his days. So if you get a chance, send him a message.

This is a picture of Marius taken before the accident.

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I read about Marius in the Deseret News this morning and wonder where we can send donations?


Susan, thanks for your interest and your support. All the details for donating can be found here:

You can donate online or go to your local Wells Fargo branch and contribute to the Marius Burn Fund.

Thanks again!