1/12/08 Romania

So I am online again...our new apartment has wireless!! It's a free one, and I had a feeling to check it tonight and I have it!! I am so excited!! This will make my life so much easier!
We have had a branch activity like every night this week starting on Wed. Wed and Thursday are Outreach. Friday we had a branch activity especially for us so that the branch could get to know us. It was so much fun. I really already love these people. They are so sincere in everything they do. We went around the room and introduced ourselves and the branch president said all he wants to do is to make the church bigger and take care of his little branch. Both of his children are mostly inactive and his wife lives in Greece working. She is a member too. What a hard life though and yet he wants to give all he has to the Lord. A guy that just recently got baptized said some of the same things. And you can tell they really mean it. Saturday (tonight) we went to meet with the branch prez so that he could give us our callings. I have been called to teach once a month in the sunday school!!!!!!!!!! Ah, scary right? I know it's the calling for me though. He asked me if I liked teaching from the scriptures and I said yes, and at that point I knew I was going to be called to teach. He said he had thought a lot about me and that this was the calling for me. The church is so amazing! I can't wait to go to church and to feel the same spirit I do at home. There are two sets of missionaries in Iasi. There is a senior missionary couple but they are going home on tuesday which is sad because I already really like them!! Well i love you and I'm glad your day was good!