Romania - January 8, 2008

Hi friends and family,
I have arrived safely in Romania! After a long and restless journey to Vienna, we took an hour and a half plane ride to the city of Iasi, Romania. What a shock. After waiting since April to come I am finally here and experiencing what I have learned about for the last 4 months. Crazy! Even thought the airport was an international airport, it was tiny. The plane just pulled up to the front of the airport and dropped us off. We had to walk down a ramp in the snow to get to the room where they checked our passports. After waiting in a line for a couple of minutes I was officially allowed to be in Romania. I had two huge bags that arrived with the plane and it was a joke trying to get them outside and past everyone else that was in the airport. It was snowing a little bit when we arrived and we had to wait outside until there were enough taxis to take 5 girls and their luggage to our apartment. Lets just say people were definitely staring :) Iasi is a pretty big city and not exactly what I was expecting. It's great though to finally be here. It's definitely different. My apartment consists of 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrroms, a front entry way, a kitchen, and a living room. It's kind of small but there is enough space for all of us to fit until they get a second apartment for us. The people here in Iasi look suprisingly well off which kind of shocked me because I was expecting them to look like they were stuggling or poor. I feel very out of place in my sweats and sweatshirts :) At least I'm warm!! The bread here is absolutely amazing and even the though the milk is kept on the shelfs in little carton containers I love it! I hope you are all well and I love you all! Thanks for all you do for me1

love jess