Jess in Romania - January 7, 2009

So I made i! The plane ride to Vienna was long but bearable, I can't believe I am finally here :) I sat next to an old lady who I assume was from Vienna, I couldn't understand what she was saying. She stole my seat though so I got stuck on the aisle. Nu buna especially since I wanted/needed to sleep. As you know they made me check my green bag which I was kind of upset about. I didn't want that thing to leave my sight. I love that bag! Anyway they took it and me and Katie both put our bags by the front door of the plane to be put below. We arrived in Vienna and we were all so tired and giggly. People were definitely staring at us. We weren't exactly following what we learned for the last four months. We weren't blending in, we were kind of loud because we were laughing, and we were so excited because it was the first time any of us had been in Europe (and now i'm living here, crazy). It was so much fun though and it felt good to laugh. We took a bus out to the runway to get on this tiny plane that only had 14 rows. Really though it was only 13 rows but they skipped the 13. funny. We arrived in Iasi!! It was snowing and there were lots of trees and the Iasi international airport is kind of a sad sight. Half of it is outside and it only consists of one room where our passports were checked. There was some sort of security guard asking us all weird questions. He asked me how many dollars I had and I told him 40 and he looked at me like I was lying. He asked another girl if she had 2 million dollars. Weird. We finally got out of the smoke infested room and went to get our luggage. I then learned that my green bag was missing. I wanted to cry. Katies bag came in but mine wasn't there. I reported it and it is supposed to come tomorrow, hopefully!! I hope it wasn't stolen. I wanted to be the first one out there to get my bag, but I had to wait in line to get my passport checked so I wasn't. I was the last. I am really hoping it wasn't stolen. Pray that I will get it. We took kind of a scary taxi ride throught snowy weather and slushy roads and a hill to get to our apartment. The house are very colorful and there are people everywhere. It almost reminds me of New York except that it is dirtier, not as big, and not as nice. It has some pretty run down buildings. Everyone I have seen is dressed surprisingly well. It's weird to see that because I thought that the people were struggling and poor. There are some nice cars as well. We went to the alimantara (supermarket), bought phone cards, and bought some bread. I am now at the internet cafe. It is pretty cold here but not as bad as i thought it would be. I hope my green bag comes because it had both sets of boots in it. Oh and it was a pain to get my baggage to the curb into a taxi and then up the street to my new apartment and then up the elevator which is really only big enough to comfortably fit 4 people. maybe. It has definitely been an adventure and so far a good one. I just hope my bag comes! I love you all and can't wait to here from you :) I'll probably be calling in a little bit so this will be a repeat.

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I'm so glad Jess made it safely. I'll be praying that her green bag does the same. Ü Thanks for posting the update on the blog!