Giving Thanks in Arizona

This year, we got together with Dave and Kristin Free and their family, Eric and Malina Hulsoff and their family, and Opa for Thanksgiving. Before our meal, we all went around and mentioned things we are thankful for. We thought we would share them with you. Here is our list:

Elena: Relatives and family
Terran: Everything
Madison: Jess
Adran: Terran and my house
Jessica: Holy Ghost
Daniel: Food
Jordan: Cars
Adam: Dad
Malinda: Family
Eric: You guys still like me (even when my intelligence can be overwhelming…Ü)
McKay: Good education
Dave: Loving Heavenly Father
Brett: Beautiful things in life (certain cars, turkey, etc. Ü)
Melinda: Music
Kristin: How often the Lord condescends to hug me and tell me it’s worth it
Josh: Family, food, and fun
Becca: Dishwashers
Michael: Missionaries
Nate: Scriptures
Jeremy: My family
Andrew: Freedom fighters and my family
Lauren: The earth
Opa: Being here
Joe: Free country
Diana: Missionary son
Elder Joseph: All you guys
Jake: Ability to run

(P.S. Sorry if I spelled anyone's name wrong!)