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Poem for James Henry Rollins by his sister Mary Elizabeth Rollins Lightener

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Submitted by joefree on Sun, 2006-07-16 00:34.

Poem about 1899 in Minersville (?), Beaver County, Utah.

Date uncertain:

To my Brother J Henry Rollins

When these scenes of life are fled
And we are numbered with the dead
O may our souls in Glory rise
To meet our Father in the skies.

There may we join in the hallowed throng
And sing a Glorious Heavenly Song.
Even to him who gave us birth,
And died for Mortals here on Earth.

Yes, Jesus died for all mankind,
That they Eternal life might find
And in his Glorious Kingdom rest
There to dwell amid the Blest --

Then do not grieve o'er trials here,
But trust in God, and never fear --
For Angels soon will bear us home
To meet our loved ones near his throne

I have written to Brother to day
and sent a copy of these verses
for fear he wont live
and I want him to have them
before he goes --

[no date given -- James died 7 Feb 1899, may have been written around that time]