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AUSTIN or AUGUSTINE BEARSE came over in the ship Confidence, of London, from Southampton, Apr. 24, 1638, aged 20; and came to Barnstable 1639. It is said that his wife was named Mary. Among the passengers of the Confidence on the voyage when he came was Mary, dau. of Martha Wilder, and it has been conjectured that she may have become his wife. [hkb -- obviously, someone has connected him to Mary Hyanno, an indian, thereby casting doubt on the Wilder connection.] His houselot of twelve acres of very rocky land was in the west part of the east parish; bounded west by John Crocker's land, north by the meadow, east by Goodman Isaac Robinson's land, and southerly into ye woods; he owned six acres of meadow adjoining his upland on the north, and two thatch islands, known as Bearse's Islands; he had about six acres in the Calve's Pasture, esteemed to be the best land in town; eight acres of planting land on the north side of Shoal pond; and bounded by Goodman Cooper's, called Huckins' Neck; and thirty acres at the Indian pond lot; bounded east by Herring river. His house stood on the north side of the road; the cellar and some remains of his orchard existed a hundred years ago (written in 1899). A road from his house to Hyannis is known as Bearse's Way; freeman June 3 1752 [1652?], and May 3, 1653; Grand Juror 1653, 1662; surveyor of highways 1674; adm. to Mr. Lothrop's church, Apr. 29 1643. Goodman Bearse did what he honestly believed to be his duty; and was one of the very few against whom no complaint was ever made, which speaks well for his character; a farmer, lived on the products of his land; and brought up his large family to like himself, useful members of society. The record of his marriage, death or settlement of his estate has not been discovered.

Augustine BEARSE. Augustine Bearce was born in Europe 1618, and died between 1686 - 1697 presumably Barnstable, MA. He was a full blood Gypsy of the Romany Race, deported by the British Govt., on the Confidence of London 1638, entered on the passenger list as Augustine Bearce, single age 20 years. Augustine was of the Romany/Gypsy tribe Heron or Herne. He was deported from England by the British authorities because he was Romany and caught on British soil. Augustine married summer of 1639 in Machatache Village Cape Cod, under pagan Indian ceremonial rights, to Mary (Little Dove) Hyanno, full blood Wampanoag Princess, daughter of John Hyanno, Sagamore at Cummunaquad Barnstable Harbor. She was a granddaughter of Highyannough, Sachem of all the Cape tribes; Mary Hyanno's mother was a daughter of the ruling Sachem at Gay Head Martha's Vineyard Island of that period. He was married to Mary (Little Dove) HYANNO in 1639 in Mattacheevillage, Barnstable, MA.