AP Free History - Martha Belcher, Betsy Strait, Annie Hicks, Sarah Jarrold Hyder and Elizabeth Jane Jarrold Whitehead


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Welcome to our new site

Submitted by joefree on Wed, 2006-07-12 07:00.

This site is our latest attempt to provide a place to share the information we have about our ancestors. The "postings" are in no particular order, except the order they were entered.

The best way to consume the content on this site is to either "search" for a name (top-right) or click on "ancestors" (top-left) and then select a name. When you do, all the information we have about that person shows up, stories, photos, attachments, whatever.

Give it a try, click on "ancestors" and then select "Absalom Pennington Free"...

The images on this site have four different resolutions to view...the small thumbnail all the way up to high enough resolution to make a nice print. So make sure and click to see the larger versions.

We would love to have your contributions to the site. Just register then select "create content" in the menu that will show up.

The site will be experiencing many changes in the near future. If you have any suggestions or questions just email me at [joe at thefrees dot com]