Name Your relationship to Joseph and/or Elizabeth The story or experience or little know fact....
Dad Free Father of Joseph I was working in the front yard, when Joseph, about 3 1/2, drives up on his relatively new bike, buck naked and says "Dad, they won't let me play.". We moved not long after this!
Joseph I am Joseph My first kiss...was with Elizabeth. The night I gave it to her I was so nervous. We stood there and then hugged. I didn't really let her go right away. I wasn't exactly sure what to do, so I just said "one more thing" and I went in for the kiss. It's probably the shortest kiss I've ever given her.
Jeff and Linda Pickles YSA Advisors Eizabeth has always been someone you could depend on, and always comes through on whatever assignment you give her. We had asked her to sing for a fireside and as the time came for her to sing, she was nowhere in sight. We began to get a little nervous, but as her name was announced, up she came. She literally had just walked in the door, walked up and sang (beautifully, I might add), and sat down with a smile. She comes through.....once again!

Joseph is just as dependable as his fiance' and can always be counted on to attend all activities. He is such fun, and always brightens up the room when he comes in. Never have I seen two people who are so good, so righteous, so fun, so happy, and so good for each other. It is definitely a "match made in heaven."
Ann Jamison Grandmother Grandpa Jamison was building a new home for Ric and Jodie. Jopes and Michael had signed on for the summer as carpenter's helpers. They had the foundation in, and the cement poured in the basement. The floor joists were in and the sub-flooring was down. On 18 July 2002, just as the work crew was packing up to come home for lunch, they realized that they had left the thermos jugs back inside the basement. Typical of his willing, serving nature, Joseph ran back to retrieve them, slip-sliding down the rocky, sloping window well and planning to jump through the windowless opening. However, he tripped over an electrical cord and plunged, head first, onto the cement floor! Instinctively, he put his hands out to catch himself, breaking BOTH WRISTS!

Luckily, his dad had arrived to pick up Michael and help get him ready to go to Moab for a Youth Activity. Joe was able to take Joseph to the emergency room where his wrists were immobilized with splints. They sent him home with a pain prescription for Lortab and recommended that ice be applied for 15 minutes at a time for about 24 hours. He then had to wait over the weekend to have casts put on after the swelling had subsided.

Michael needed to be in Moab by 6 p.m. and Diana and Joe had planned to drop him off on their way back to Mesa. Naturally that plan changed. Grandpa and Joe drove to Moab with Michael while Diana and Grandma stayed in Alpine to help Joseph. He could not do ANYTHING for himself and needed to keep his wrists elevated.

The x-rays showed IDENTICAL BREAKS on the big bone and IDENTICAL CHIPS in the small one. He had a wonderful pair of bookends and that is about all they were good for! He was a good sport, though, and never complained.
Stacie Elizabeth's best friend :) Well, my most memorable experience with Elizabeth happened our Senior year of high school. We went with a group of our friends to Subway for lunch, and Elizabeth came a little bit later then the rest of us. I was sitting in a booth, facing the door, and so I was one of the few who saw Elizabeth saunter up to the door. She pulled it open, stepped through...and somehow managed to get herself (yes, her entire body) caught in the door. It was probably the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life. Ask Elizabeth for a reenactment - just mention Subway and Stacie and she'll know what you mean.
Kristin Aunt to Joseph One of our very favorites was when Jessica was about 2 years old and Joseph was looking to become a professional hairdresser! We were calling the children to come home when out comes our towheaded little cutie, Jess, with a "butch". We were going to have Father's Day surprise pictures taken the next week but we gave it a miss until the next year! Clear to the scalp! (I have pictures should you desire evidence) great memories of our sweet Jopes!

Brother and Sister Ostler Wish we could adopt Elizabeth as our daughter! We had a huge party for New Year's at our house. We brought in snow to our yard for one of the activities. A bunch of extra people showed up and the house had a lot of cleaning up to be done when it was over. All the kids left, but Elizabeth stayed and cleaned and vacuumed until it was all done!
Ældste Michael Free Brother One that he probably doesn't remember, but I still do is a very short one...mostly because I am almost out of time Ü: We were at a restaurant, Denny's or something like that, and our orders came out. I was very young and very gullible at that time, mind you. I had ordered a stack of pancakes...and that is what I expected. It came with a huge scoop of white-something on the top. I asked Jopes, "What is that creamy stuff on top of my pancakes?" To which came the reply, "You are so lucky! That is ice cream on your pancakes!" I immediately snatched my fork and took up the huge scoop of "ice cream" and stuck it in my mouth. Now, as a child who loves Vanilla Ice Cream, I usually smash the wonderful stuff with my tongue and teeth, so that the substance can spread throughout my mouth and I can enjoy the whole thing at once. I did that and had the bitter taste of BUTTER in my mouth! I had difficulty spitting it out and picking it out of my teeth. I don't remember being very mad because Dad just laughed with Jopes and I thought I was pretty cool for doing that. I love you Jopes!
Ældste Michael Free Future Brother-in-Law...yeah! Elizabeth was the one person that I confused the most with my fake-tooth Ü. The whole night was spent confusing her by popping my tooth in and out within a split-second. I think I did it 4 or 5 times and she still didn't get it! Stacie Calton, one of her friends, ended up telling her before I could pull another fast one on her Ü. Funny enough, that whole tooth thing came as a result of Jopes! A story for another time...

I love you, Elizabeth!
Anonymous brother Elizabeth is affectionately known as "Lizard Breath."
a nonny moose Da doll's dad When Elizabeth was four years old, our family drove over to California to attend my nephew's wedding. Jeff, my brother Dennis's oldest son, was marrying Lisa Marie, who is now my niece, and mother of three darling girls. Forgive my digression. For the wedding, we stayed at my grandmother's house in Palo Alto, at 840 Moreno. The morning of the wedding, we could not find Elizabeth's patent leather, Sunday shoes. All we could find were her play shoes, a pair of 'jelly' sandals. LeAnn was not about to let Elizabeth go to a fancy wedding in her play shoes. Elizabeth, every time she was asked, denied any knowledge of the dress shoes whereabouts. We looked though the whole house...multiple times. Finally, it came to me, that the only place we had not looked, was in the waste basket in the laundry room. Sure enough, the shoes were tidily tucked away in the bottom of the waste basket, under some paper. Elizabeth was sure disappointed that she could not wear her preferred jelly shoes to the wedding.
Ric Jamison Uncle Ric - to Joseph I don't know of any specific events, so you can trash this if you want.

Note 1

After graduating from BYU, I traveled to Mesa for Thanksgiving and ended up staying about 2 years. This was at the end of 1992. Their house at that time had a master bedroom and 2 kids rooms. Even though space was limited, I was given one of those 2 rooms as my own. And more incredible was that all the kids, Jopes included, were happy and excited to sleep on the floor in the other bedroom. I think they fought over who got the floor instead of who got the bunk beds. For the Free's, it is all about family. I was given more than I deserved, and it was never seen as a sacrifice, but instead to them it was a joy to be with family. As the song goes of the brother that "ain't heavy", I was not a burden to them, I was their Uncle.

Note 2

I do remember seeing Jopes riding his bike at what seemed to me a very young age. Joseph has always had a love of life and has found pleasure in simple things and has made life fun with his excitement for life and love of others.

You Don't Have To Use This In The Game Um, I'm Joseph's soon-to-be WIFE!! :) Once upon a time, Elizabeth was very sick with the flu and just felt miserable for a few days. One of which, her handsome, and completely sweet fiance came and took care of her. He got to her house about 11AM, with some chicken noodle soup for her sensitive and empty tummy, and the most caring smile a sick person could wish to see. While she slept on the couch, he sat near her and finished assembling the rest of their wedding invitations. Oh, and he sang along to his favorite Jack Johnson songs, of course. :) At various moments he got Elizabeth 7up, or soup, or crackers, or just talked with her and held her hand to comfort her while she lay grossly and miserably on the couch. I'm sure it was a very boring day for him, but it meant the most to her. And now she has to stop typing because it's making her cry to think about how lucky she is to be marrying such an amazing person.

Thanks Mom and Dad Free, for bringing such a great man into the world and raising him the way you did. I promise I will do my best to be all the good and wonderful things he deserves. He's great, and I love him. Thanks. :)
sutatsa Jantalert Joe was my zone leader "The deal is the deal. I want my CDs back on Monday you Maka Feke". Said who?

Answer: Joe! He said that when he left the message on my answering machine :)

Rebekah Kaylor oldest sister Elizabeth's description of bees: "They're the ones with stingers in their butts." ("butt" was and is a bad word in our house growing up, so that was quite a shocker! I think she was 3-5 when she came up with that gem.)

You know how dad's are famous for trying to get us to save money by turning off the lights, closing the doors, not keeping the refrigerator open, etc.? Well, our dad had so impressed upon Elizabeth the necessity of using not too much shampoo that when she was a young teen she used less than a penny's worth on her hair and was convinced that she just had a greasy head that had to be rinsed with vinegar every week or so to get rid of the grease!
amber I swam with Joe fall semester 2004 and we were coaches on rival swim teams in fall 2007. The first time I met Joe I was a freshmen and he and I got put on the same swim team. The first day of practice we had to play get-to-know-you games. So of course everyone was a little nervous and awkward. Our coaches asked us all to get in the water and play the game chicken; where you get on someone's shoulders and knock other people off their partner's shoulders. So everyone starts pairing up and I am sitting there thinking, "no way I am I gonna let some strange guy hoist me up on his shoulders while I am in a bathing suite!" I am not exactly a skinny person either! The next think I know everyone is paired up and Joe and I are left. He just looked at me and said, "okay get on." I told him there was no way I was letting him try and pick me up! I even offered to let him get on my shoulders. He just gave me an annoyed look and without saying a word he proceeded to dive underwater and shove his head between my legs and stand up!! After that there wasn't much I could really do! So I forgot my insecurities and started thrashing some fellow swimmers! Joe and I made it to the last round of chicken. We ended up having a showdown with another particularly vicious pair. No matter how many times we got dunked Joe never stayed down and I never let go and neither did the other couple! So the coaches ended up having to call of the whole game because there was no way we were going to give up and lose! So that is how I met Joe, he definitely made an unforgettable first impression!
Julie Jamison Joseph's Cousin I am sure I will not be the only one to remember this, but if so, it must be shared. In the summer of 1995 the Jamison's had a reunion in Darango, CO and while we were there we went to a rodeo. There was a little down time between acts and Joseph and Rachel decided to go stand on the fence. Well, I guess they got a little board and started doing a bit of a dance on the fence shaking their behinds and bouncing up and down. It is so funny and when they realized that they not only had been caught, but that it was on video, they were quite embarrassed. Good times!
Ethan Elizabeth's (and soon to be Joe's) nephew Aunt Elizabeth was staying at our house in the Fall. Jopes came to stay with us and the rest of the Hord clan during October General Conference. Sometime after that, we were in our kitchen and Ethan's dad (Ammon) put his arms around Ethan's mom's (Leslie's )waist. Ethan noticed and said, "That's what Elizabeth and Jopes do."
Leslie Sister-in-law (married to oldest brother Ammon) During the summer of 2006, Ammon went to Europe for work. Not wanting to be at home (where we had only been living for 1 1/2 months) by myself with an almost two year old and a 5 month baby, I decided I would spend a portion of the three weeks that Ammon was to be gone in Arizona and Boise(for Emily's baptism) with the Hords. Elizabeth flew up to Utah and helped me fly back to Arizona with my children. She also helped me as we flew to Boise for our niece Emily's baptism, although we did not make it until the following day. She flew with me again back to Arizona and then back to Utah. During these excursions, I found that Elizabeth and I had many similar interests. We both love good meat, liked the same Disney Channel TV shows, like the same type of music, and have a similar sense of humor. Ever since that trip, I have felt a special tie with Elizabeth.
Annika Elizabeth's (and soon to be Joe's) niece While Aunt Elizabeth was living at our house, Annika claimed Elizabeth's pink heart pillow as her own. Annika went through a stage, lasting about a month and a half where she would throw terrible tantrums. One of the only things that would calm her down and cause her to act rationally was having Elizabeth's pillow.
Aimee Elizabeth's (and soon to be Joe's) niece Elizabeth came to live with us for a short while after I was born to help my mom (Leslie) while dad(Ammon) took some classes. On several occassions, Elizabeth would ask my mom if she could have me for Christmas. Elizabeth also loved holding me when I was sleeping in her arms.
Mark Calton best friend of Joseph and Stacie's older brother Joseph one time came down to Bolivia to visit me and my family. We went to Macchu Picchu and had a blast! Then he spent all day Christmas helping serve the missionaries Christmas dinner. It was a lot of fun.